Sunday, May 01, 2011

Run for Japan 2

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and a lot of people got together for Japan earthquake relief.

Before the run/walk, there was a opening ceremony and we did "Radio Taiso"!!! It is a traditional Japanese exercises we have been doing since 1925. Some factories and companies in Japan do this exercises every morning. All the Japanese kids learn this at the elementary school and they keep doing till high school!! During the summer vacation, kids go to their local park to do this exercises at 6:30am EVERYDAY. They have a little card hanging around their necks and get a stamp after the exercises. If you don't miss any days, you will get a little prize. So Japanese people have a lot of memories and sentimental feelings about this exercises. When I heard, "We are doing Radio Taiso before the run." I just laughed and cannot stop laughing and smiling because I never thought I would do have a chance to do this in US. I did this first time in 25 years probably. Now you understand why I am laughing in all the pictures above.
Run/Walkが始まる前にオープニングイベントがあったのですが、何とラジオ体操をみんなでしました! 夏休みに毎日首からカード下げて近くに公園に朝6時半に行っていた子供の頃を思い出しました。25年ぶりかなあ。何だかいろいろなことを思い出したり、アメリカで日本人以外の人達とこの体操をしていることの意外性がおかしくてずっと笑いながら体操してしまいました。だから上の写真では全部大笑いしているの。

This is the exercises. どうやるか忘れてしまったあなたへ。

OK, Radio Taiso is done now. Are you ready, Steven?

"Sure, I am!" 「もちろん!」

I am ready, too. 私も準備完了。

The start point is an open area.

Everybody is waiting for the start. Steven, Aya san and E, Elvis?!
スタートラインで合図を待ちます。Steven, 文さん、そして、え?エルビス?

It was a great event and I was amazed that this event organized very well in a very short time. We ran/walked praying Japan will recover and get back their power soon. The lady on the left is Yuko san, one of the organizers of this event. Aya san finished running her first race! Great job, everybody!!