Sunday, December 30, 2007

Paris 2-Rouen
We took a train to Rouen which is a historical capital city of Normandy.
Felt like we time traveled to medieval era... 電車に乗ってノルマンディーの歴史の街、ルーアンへ行きました。中世の時代へタイムスリップしたような気分にさせる街並み。

Rouen is also the last place for Joan of Arc. This is tower of Joan of Arc. There is museum of her inside. ルーアンはジャンヌダルクの最期の地でもあり、ジャンヌダルクの塔と呼ばれるこの塔内には彼女の記念館があります。

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The place they burnt her in 1431 is also marked...very sad. She was only 19 years old...ここはジャンヌダルクが1431年に火刑になった場所。ほんの19歳の少女だったのに、悲惨な話だよね。
Rouen has a lot of beautiful old churches..I am not a Catholic but I love church buildings.
Since we were in Normandy, we wanted to have Muscles for lunch but no restaurants served Muscles here!! So we gave up on them and went to the one we found on the way. The eggplant dish was excellent!! I ordered "today's dish" which I didn't understand what it was. I am not a picky eater so I thought it would be fine. was lam which is one of the few food I don't like. I won't forget the French word "agneau"(lamb). However, it was not so bad and I ate most of it.
Brasserie Paul
1, Place Cathédrale76000 Rouen, France
+33 2 35 71 86 07
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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Paris 1-Steven's office and Seine River
Gipsy couple, Steven & Mikako are in Paris. Steven's office is not far from here. What a commute! Walking on Champs Elysée avenue for 3 weeks.
We can see the Arc de Triomphe from the office. ほら、オフィスから凱旋門が見える!

We had a first lunch in Paris at the brasserie next to Steven's office. My fish with cream sause was very tasty. パリで最初のランチはそんなStevenのオフィスの隣にあるブラッスリーで。私のクリームソースのかかった白身魚は絶品でした。
Le Deauville
Avenue Champs Elysées75008 Paris, France
01 42 25 08 64

Steven at the cheese shop. "Ohhhh Iwant to try everything here......" チーズショップの前でチーズ好きなStevenが”あ~全部食べてみたい!”

Winter in Paris is not so picturisque but it is still pretty. By the Seine river. 冬のパリは写真写りがよくないけどそれでもきれいです。セーヌ川で。
Oh my gosh this house is falling down!!! Old medieval era's house. Usual goofy picture of mine. え~、この家古すぎて傾いてるよ!…とお決まりの私のふざげた写真。

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I always love the local markets...Lots of tasty food...wish we had a kitchen at our hotel.... :( 朝市はどこの国も楽しい。パリの特に。あ~ホテルにキッチンがついていれば!

The Tapas place which my new friend told me. The place was small but all the 8 dishes (note: this is a Tapas place so each plate is tiny...well not so big, I would say...) were all delicious. Of course we had Spanish wine with them. 最近できたお友達から教えてもらったタパスのお店。小さいお店ですが、注文した8皿(注:タパスなので各料理が小皿なのです。いや、大きくないというか。)がすべておいしい。もちろんスペインワインでいただきました。

Le Seiz'Maine
16, Rue Maine, 75014 Paris, France
01 43 35 46 24

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

This is the lobster we had for our Christmas dinner. Yeah, it is big..more than 4lb. これがクリスマスディナーにいただいたロブスター。2kg以上あったよ。

Served with baked potatoes.

Appetizer:Prosciutto+pear, balsamic vinegar carmelized mushroom, and shrimp+tomato salsa
Salad:Steven made Caesar salad, he added some extra anchovies!! Yuuuuum...

Look how big the lobster is. The claw is big as my palm.

Dessert is ice cream with 3 color sauce: Chocolate, raspberry and Macha(green tea) sauce.

Friday, December 07, 2007

NY Day 4

On the last day in NY, Steven was able to go to places with me! This is the Rockefeller Center. Can you see the famous angel statues on my head :) Look at these matching caps which I made. Steven is wearing the matching scarf, too. After we bought a lot of books at the Japanese book store across from here (they were having closing store 50% off sale. Who can resist?), we went to the airport to go home. When we got the gate, they announced the plane was not here (never explained why.) so we needed to wait for 5 hours to get the replacement. Grrrrrr!!!!!!
NY最後の日はStevenも一緒に観光。Rockefeller Centerでアイススケートをしている人達を見に行きました。私の頭の上に見えるのはその有名な天使の像。おそろいの帽子は私のお手製です。Stevenはおそろいのマフラーもしています。ここの向かいの紀伊国屋さんが閉店の50%OFFのセールをしていたので二人でうんと本を買って空港へ。ゲートに着いたときに予定していた飛行機が来ていません(理由の説明はなし)というアナウンス。代わりの飛行機に乗るまで5時間も待った。ったく。

Thursday, December 06, 2007

NY Day 3
Went to Moma with our friend and her baby. I enjoyed Matisse, Monet, Rothko....but I found a new (well... new to me) artist I like...
Moma へ行きました。大好きな、マティスやモネやロスコーを楽しみましたが、新しい(少なくとも私には)お気に入りアーティストを見つけました。

It is Martin Puryear. Most of his works are made of tree and stones and the colors (beige and black) made me relaxed...
それはMartin Puryear。ほとんどの作品が木や石の素材で色はベージュや黒などの落ち着いた色調でなんだかホッとする感じ。We had dinner with our friends and their baby at Japanese BBQ place, Riki. What a fun night!
The baby is very cute and smart. She seems to understand when we talked to her.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

NY Day 2

I love musical but I have never been to The Broadway theaters in NY so.....

went to see one. I booked the ticket in the last minutes so there were some limitation but I was able to get a ticket for The Phantom of the Opera which is one of my favorites. Ohhhh it was great even this is the third time for me ( I even saw in Japaneses!!) they never disappoint me.

I think East coast people enjoy more Christmas decoration than West Coast people...
Oh, Look, snow is falling! もしかして東海岸のほうが西海岸よりクリスマスを楽しんでるかも。雪がイベントをもりあげるのかも。ほら見て、雪が!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

NY Day 1

We are in NY!! What do I do here?! NYに来ています!さて何からしようかな!

Grand Central Terminal. I have wanted to come here since I saw a Japanese TV drama 20 years ago. The couple in the drama ended up dancing here. Us? Of course we did dance here...just a little bit. Our hotel was connected to here so I came here a lot in this trip.
NYの駅の中核であるGrand Central Terminal。20年ほど前に見た「NY恋物語」であの二人がここでダンスをしているのを見て以来、来たかったの。私達?もちろんちょっとだけだけど踊ったよ。ホテルがこのターミナルにつながっていたのでここにはよく来ました。

This is a NY cheese cake (Junior's) which Steven loved when he was a kid. He and his sister brought one back for their father but they ate the cake on the way home in the train so their father never got to eat it. This happened not only once. Steven said, "Because the train ride was long." After I took one bite, I understand why they couldn't save it for their father. It is tooo good!!
これはStevenが子供の頃好きだったJunior'sのNYチーズケーキ。彼は子供の頃, 妹と二人で電車に乗って帰る途中、お父さんへのおみやげのこのチーズケーキを二人で食べてしまった。お父さんはそんなチーズケーキがあったことさえ、知らなかったらしい。それもそんなことは一度ではなかったというからひどいなあ。彼に言わせると、「電車に乗ってる時間が長かったんだもん。」って。一口食べた後、二人の小さい子供がそんな誘惑に勝てなかったことが理解できた。だってすごくおいしいんだもん。

Metropolitan Museum. I spent 4 hours here but I couldn't finish :(

Too many arts, too little time.....

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cirque du Soleil "Kooza!"
Went to Kooza in San Francisco. Yes they never disappoint us. Every time I am amazed by what human can do with their is unbelievable.
Cirque du Soleil "Kooza!"を観ました。う~んいつもはずすことのない彼ら。毎回ながら人間の体であんなことができるのかと関心させられる。