Friday, May 27, 2011

Hong Kong 3 : Kowloon Area

They are the seats in the Star Ferry. I liked its old atmosphere.

Yes, I took this ferry to across the water to go to Kowloon area. It was beautiful day for being on the water. Felt nice breeze and listened to the water noise the boat made.

Kowloon is a big shopping area and is famous for its colorful signs.

I did some shopping in Hong Kong island earlier so noting special to buy here. However, I found Hainan chicken restaurant and had lunch there. The waitress didn't speak English so the guy sitting next me helped me with ordering. He also showed me a restaurant search site, Looks like very popular in Hong Kong. The chicken was very juicy and tasty. Glad to pick this restaurant.

After I came back to hotel, I decided to take the double Decker tram to go to Wang Chai area. LOVE IT!!!! I liked the old style tram and it reminded me of the street train I used to ride with mom when I was a kid. The view from the upstairs is very nice. The most I liked was this tram doesn't have any glasses on their windows so I can feel night breeze looking down the old town.
ホテルに戻って来てから、例のダブルデッカーのトラムに乗ってワンチャイ エリアに行くことにしました。このトラムすごくいい!中の古めかしい感じがお気に入り。子供のころママと乗った路面電車を思い出しました。2階からのながめは最高。でも一番よかったのは窓にガラスがなかったことかな。夜風を感じながら、この旧い町を見下ろせる。

Mmmmm, so exotic... んー、エキゾチックですねえ。
Steven works late tonight so I need to have dinner by myself. I ate noodles and dumplings already so wanted something else. This cute restaurant had an interesting menu. I had steamed pork ground meat and ohhhhhhhh it was very good.