Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crab cakes

Steven made me delicious crab cakes with salad. Most of crab cakes we have at restaurants are very fine crab meat dressed with bread crumb but his is Maryland style crab cake. The crab meat was lumpy and big chunks. They were crispy outside and moist inside and mmmmm delicious!!

Next morning, he made scrumble egg with the leftover crab cake and cafe latte for Sunday brunch!! The "everything" bagel went well with it. Thanks, honey!!
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer cooking

Made Moroccan food, Kefta Tajin thinking about Ramadan time we had in Morocco last summer. That was a quite experience. I really glad we were there around that time because it was great opportunity to understand their culture. We miss the food there and mint tea... My Kefta Tajin has cauliflower, sweet red pepper, chickpeas, and shiitake mushroom, too. Ramadan in this year starts tomorrow, 20th.

Summer food equal tomatoes and peaches for us. We get them weekly at Farmer's market. This is a flat bread pizza which has two kinds of heirloom tomatoes, sauteed green onions, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The yellow tomato was sweet and very juicy. Good dish for summer lunch. 夏といえばトマトと桃のカリフォルニア。毎週ファーマーズマーケットで新鮮なものを買ってきます。これはフラットブレッドにトマトソース、2種類のトマト、焦がしたネギ、モツァレラチーズをのせて焼きました。黄色のトマトが甘くてジューシーでおいしかった。夏のランチにはぴったり。

Japanese dinner. BBQ pork ramen noodle, grilled eggplant+Bonita flake, cold Tofu with natto+okra sauce. Okra is another summer vegetable I love. I also like the smokey flavor of grilled eggplants. Summer treat! 和食の日にはチャーシューラーメン、焼きなすとおかか、納豆とオクラソースを冷奴にかけたもの。オクラも大好きな夏野菜。焼きなすの燻製のような香りも大好き。夏万歳!

Our herb garden is doing great and basil is growing like crazy! I made basil pesto and froze them. So it will be convenient when I want to use them such as....for squid pasta with basil pesto.

We love yellow peaches. I think they have richer taste than white ones. I made a peach crostata and....黄桃が大好きな私達。白桃より濃い味がするような気がする。作ったのはピーチクロスタータと…

peach turnovers and meat turnovers with leftover dough. Cannot tell which is which, huh? The ones with X marks are meat ones. ピーチターンオーバーとそれのお肉版。どっちがどっちかわからないでしょ。Xの切り目があるのがミートパイです。

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Washlet has come to our house!

Our longtime dream, Washlet has come to our house! This is a house warming gift from my mom. (Thank you, Mama!) Washlet is only a toilet cover so usually it is easy to install it. Take out the current toilet seat and put Washlet on. However our toilet bowl has an odd shape and didn't quite fit so we replaced the whole toilet!!

I was worried at the beginning because replacing toilet bowl is not an amateur job but Steven said it was not hard at all and showed me how to video. He did it!! Thank you, honey!

This is the finish look. Now we have eco friendly flush from the new toilet and warm seat, warm shower to wash and even dry your bottom by Washlet. The Japanese on the pic above said "Your butt wants to be washed, too." which was a catch copy when TOTO started to sell this product in 80's in Japan.

Here is the TV CM at the time.

She said, "When your hands get dirty, you washed them, right? Nobody wipes with paper. Your butt is the same. Your butt wants to be washed, too!" I heard 60% of house in Japan has Washlet and I understand why people like so much. Nothing can beat the clean feeling.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

San Jose Jazz Festival

On Sunday when the temperature hit almost 90F, we headed to SJ Jazz Festival. We went straight to Blues stage to see...気温が30度を超えた日曜日、サンノゼのジャズフェスティバルへ行ってきました。ブルースステージへ直行して観に行ったのは…

our friend, Aki's performance! 友達のAkiのパフォーマンス!

He plays in a local blues band, Tip of the top and he plays the harmonica and sings in the band. Every time we hear him. he gets better. Soulful and cool! He also played on harmonica blowout with his mentor and his mentor's mentor. We really liked this three generation session. Aki is the youngest but he WAS goooood! The good looking girl in the picture is Rachel, Aki's wife whom I have known for about 10 years. Loved the dress! Akiは地元バンドのTip of the Topでハーモニカと歌を歌っています。観るたびに彼のパフォーマンスがよくなっているのがすごい。ソウルフルでCool! 又、彼のハーモニカの先生とその先生の3世代のハーモニカのセッションにも参加してこれ又、素晴らしい。Akiは一番若いけれど負けず劣らず、よかったよ。写真の中の素敵な彼女はRachel, Akiのワイフ。とういうより私の10年来の友達。ドレスもよかったよ。

While we were listening to this impressive performance, we enjoyed festival food. Steven is holding MY turkey leg. (His was a hotdog and it was gone) I love smoked turkey legs and they never disappoint me. I remember I had good one in Philly, too. The CD next my kettle corn is their first CD, Depot Street Blues. イカしたパフォーマンスを聴きながらお祭りフードもいただきました。Stevenが持っているのは私のターキーレッグ。彼のホットドッグはすでに彼のお腹の中にあり撮影不可。スモークしたターキーレッグ大好き。フィラデルフィアで食べたのもおいしかったなあ。ちょっぴり甘いケトルコーンの横にあるのはAkiのバンドの初アルバム。

Check out their appearance in Bay area at
Tip of the top myspace

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

When we went to Alameda Antique Fair the other day, we saw Jamaican Jerk Chicken stand but couldn't eat it there so I decided to make at home. The recipe said I needed two chilies (Scotch bonnet or habanelo). This little orange guy (the one in the top left pic ) is beyond my heat capacity. Even when I cut in half, my eyes get watery but I should follow the recipe to make the chicken "jerk" so I did. I marinated in a lot of spices and rum (!) for 8 hours. I made lentil salad while Steven was grilling the chicken.

Look at this beauty! It was VERY tasty and not spicy as I expected. All spice, Cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices make this dish so exotic and has a tiny bit of sweetness from brown sugar. I difinitely make it again!

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Alameda Antique Fair

We went to the famous antique fair in Alameda. I woke up my sleepy husband at 6am on Sunday morning and drove around an hour to get there. The pictures below are from Yelp. I was busy looking at the items so didn't have time to take pictures. We also had the huge hot dog for breakfast like the one in the picture.

It was paradise to me since I love flea markets. They have more than 800 booths and they have good stuff. We spent almost a half day there and enjoyed finding treasures. We were looking for a mantel clock and a console table for the entrance of our house. We couldn't find the perfect piece because we were very picky. Well, we are not hurry. We will wait for the perfect ones. However I found something else.

Woven trays and long basket with wire handle. I am going to use the long basket on the mantel since we couldn't find a clock. :) put some flowers or something to decorate the mantel.

Old wrapping papers...very beautiful! I will make cards or book covers or just wrap gifts.

I liked this antique market very much. I want to come back maybe a few months later.

The Alameda Antiques by the Bay
The first Sunday of every month
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