Thursday, December 29, 2011

Visiting friends in SF

We are in SF to see our friends in San Francisco. This is me and Bay bridge.
San Franciscoの友人を訪ねに行きました。まずはワタクシとベイブリッジの写真をぱちり。

We went to Ferry Terminal and grab a bite. They had Farmer's market there and everyrthing looks yummy. Steven and Clark got pizzas and Dennise got a humburger.

I got a ramen!! Tell you the truth, I was not expecting a lot at this stand but IT WAS GOOD! I had pork ramen with soft boiled egg. Yum! We sit on the grass and had our lunch. Oh,Yeah.While I was waiting for my ramen to serve, I ran into my running friends! Small wrold!

They had a skate link there and I wanted to skate!!!

Clark is going to college next year and has grown up like the pic above. He was a little boy 7 years ago. Time flies…。

After the lunch, we went to Green Apple book store and stopped by their house. They have a beautiful Victorian house near the Golden Gate Pan handle. Love the ceiling and their old furniture. 
ランチの後はGreen Appleの本屋さんにいって、そして彼らの家に行きました。とても美しいVictorianハウスで、何とGolden Gate Pan handleのすぐそば。天井やモルディング、古い家具が美しい。

I also love their dogs, Lucy and Ziggy. They showed us their new tricks and soooooo cuuuuute!
We had a great time this afternoon. Dennise and Clark are so funny together and we laughed too much...We are so bummmed because Allyson couldn't join us because of her work. Next time you all need to come down to visit us!
Lucy とZiggyもかわいい。どんどん、大きくなるこの人たち。いろいろな芸を見せてくれました。DenniseとClarkの二人は本当におもしろくて今日は笑いすぎ。お仕事中のAllysonに会えなくてとても残念ですが、今度は皆さんでウチにいらしてねえ。

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Breakfast on Steven's days off

Steven has been off this week so we are weekend mode everyday. We usually have a brunch on weekend so we have been brunching (?!) everyday this week. Yesterday, we had scramble egg on English muffin. We sprinkled Truffle salt which Sumiko gave us. Ohhh, it was soooooo gooooood! Thank you, Sumiko san!! The orange fruit on the plate is very riped persimmon.


Now, today was different. We had a Japanese brunch! We were very lucky that we got some home made mochi from our friend. I made natto mochi with grated daikon. Ohhhhh, this was heaven!! Thank you Nakano san!

Now we have six mochi left. We need to save five for New Year's soup so I could have one when Steven is not looking....Yeah, he is focused on the book he is reading in the living room now. Now is the time!! :)

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We were a little busy around the holiday so we decided to not have a Christmas tree this year. However, I decorated inside of the house here and there.


We have pretty Christmas cards on the mantel.

in the living room and kitchen....

in the hallway....

Steven has just got home from a long business trip so we had a nice quiet Christmas by ourselves. Scalop appetizer, avocado cream canapé , and Dungeness crab with crab butter sauce. I made the sauce with crab butter (That's right, it is Crab guts!), butter, onions, garlic and herbs. The dessert was cream puff from Beard Papa. Mmmmmm delicious.
Stevenが長い出張から帰って来たばかりだったので、クリスマスは静かに2人ですごしました。ホタテの前菜、アボカドクリームのかなっぺ、カニとカニ味噌のソース。ソースはかに味噌、バター、にんにく、玉ねぎ、ハーブで作りました。デザートはBeard Papaのシュークリーム。ああ、おいしかった。

Hope you had a great Christmas, too!!

By the way, at night of the day Steven came home, our couch was very crowded. Hey, it looks like I didn't take care of you guys while he was gone. Stop that look!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

BAJR Year End Party

My running team, BAJR had a bonenkai (Year End Party) today.

I brought appetizer and dessert.

We did a white elephant and I got a portable DVD player!! Who doesn't want this?! Now I can watch movies ANYWHERE. There were a lot of goofy gifts with laugh after laugh. I brought $1 plastic daikon grater in an iPad box & an Apple store bag. :) I felt bad that I got a DVD player for that! Oh, well I was lucky this year, I guess.

Good food, Good people, Good laugh. How fun was that!?
Look at me and Marie chan in our team shirt. Don't we look like promo-girls? Hee, hee, hee...

I had great running time/experience with them this year. It is almost a life changing encounter. Thank you, guys!!

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Sunday, December 04, 2011


I went to see Nutcracker today. It is not an ordinary one. It is the one that my friend is in!! Well, she is my friend's daughter. She got a relatively big role which is one of Clara's friends. Considering she has just came from Japan and joined this ballet school, it is a very big deal!

She was VERY cute and good on the stage. Too bad I could not take pics. After the show, I waited outside of the back stage to see her. I saw a lot of adoreble little dancers.

Here she comes! She is holding the flowers I gave her! Great job!!

I took a pic with this little princess who is going to be Clara in 5 years. I promised her I will come to see her in Clara role.

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