Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentien's Day!

Steven was home for Valentine's day this year and we went to La Pastaia for the dinner. It was second time we had Valentine's dinner here. 2011's visit is here.
今年のバレンタインデーは家にいたStevenはLa Pastaiaにディナーに連れていってくれました。ここでバレンタインディナーするのは2回目。2011の時のはここ.

We took pictures each other and I photoshopped!! Don't look too close because there are so many unfinished parts.

Most of the restaurants have pre fixed dinner on Valentine's day and this place is no exception. We needed to choose our dishes from limited menu but don't they look good?

Though they were pretty good, the ones in 2011 were better. They paid more attentions to the details and had delicate taste back then. Anyway it was nice to have time together on Valentine's day before his next business trip which is tomottow. :(
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Crab shopping at Halfmoon bay

Before the crab season is gone, we needed to go to Halfmoon Bay to get some!
シーズンが終わる前に毎年恒例のHalfmoon Bayへの蟹の買い出しへ行って来ました。

Hey, Mr. Give us some nice ones!

Since we came all the way to the Bay, let's take some walk on the beach! The nets behind me are crab traps. Took a shot while the fisherman was not around.

Beautiful !!
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Friday, February 01, 2013

What did I cook recently?

Recently I cooked....

 Takoyaki with 49 shape mayo for Super bowl.

Beef tail stew with roasted veggies.
 Cinnamon bread with fruit salad for weekend breakfast.

Steven made the Cafe Latte.
Cafe LatteはStevenがいれました。
Stuffed cabbage and corn/pea/mushroom/edamame thing.

Seafood chowder and caramelized onion & mushroom biscuit.
The biscut recipe is here.
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