Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trivet and pizza

We got a very nice gift for our new kitchen. Beautiful trivet. Love the blue color and lacy design. It is too pretty to keep in a drawer so I hang it on the wall. Wow, so nice. The blue tile above the gas range linked to this. LOVE IT!!! Thank you, Sumiko san and Bruce!

Steven made another frame for me so I cut my favorite antique wrapping paper I bought at the antique market 2 years ago and glued them. The sun flowers are from farmer's market.
Stevenが又、フレームを作ってくれたので、 2年前に行ったアンティークマーケットで買った古い包装紙を切って並べて見ました。ひまわりはファーマーズマーケットから。

I made a pizza with Momotaro tomatoes from our garden. Other ingridents were mushrooms, onions, prosciutto and cheese. Mmmmm, good. The basil is from our garden, too.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Farewell Party

One of our neighbors is movin to Houston and we had a farewell party. I made a fruit tart with seasonal fruits. Pretty, isn't it? My shirt looks like this fruit tart, too. Same color pallet.

We had some mexican food and desert time! I am serving my tart.

Steven is helping me serving them

After this party, we took a picture in front of their house and they left with their packed car. 1 week road trip to Houston! It was VERY hard to say good by since they are great people....everybody shed their tears. Good luck, the Penningtons!!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

dinners and snack

Some of my Japanese friends think I am cooking American food all the time since I live in US and have an American husband. Noooooo, I cook Japanese/Asian food 50 % of the meals. Tonight we had steam eggplant with black sesame sauce and Shiso, Gyoza, pickled vegetables and braised Okra, Tofu, bean curd and Tofu. I loved the pickled zucchini ! My kind neighbor brought some from her yard. Fresh and organic! Nothing better than that.

The day before yesterday, I made roasted veggies...

and roasted pork tenderloin with balsamic vinegar sauce. Good that it has been cool enough to use oven last a few days.

Here is one more baking. Oatmeal bar with chocolate and caramel. Wrapped them using cotton yarn for a gift. そしてもうひとつオーブンで。オートミールバー、中にキャラメルとチョコレートがはさまっています。コットンの毛糸を使ってギフト用にラッピングもしました。
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Morning run and World cup for Women's Soccer

I ran 9 miles with BAJR members in Shoreline Park at 7am. Most of them ran 12 miles but you know, I am not in that stage yet. My Smartcoach said 8 miles. Well, I was planning to do miles and I made U turn on 4 miles spot by myself since other people were going further. It was a mistake. I got a lost on the way back and ran extra 1 mile. Oh well....Today was a special run because there was a women's world cup final in that afternoon so we ran wishing their victory and...

朝7時からBAJRのメンバーとShoreline Parkで9マイル走ってきました。他の人達は12マイルくらい走っていたのですが、私はまだそこまで長く走る時期ではないの。私のSmartcoachでは今日は8マイルの日ですから。いえ、そのつもりだったのですが、4マイル地点でみなさんと別れてUターンして帰ってきたら、迷ってしまい1マイル余分に走ることに。まあ、いいか。今日は特別なランでした。というのも午後にワールドカップの女子の決勝戦があるので、それの祈願もかねて走ったのです。私はJapanサッカーチームのTシャツを着てね。そして…

They won!!!!!! Congratilations, girls!!!
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mountain View Obon Festival

Went to Obon festival in Mountain View. This is the only time we wear Yukata (Japanese summer kimono) so need to take a picture.
Mountain Viewのお盆祭りに行ってきました。こんな時しか浴衣着れないからね。ちゃんと写真もとってと。

I tied my obi (sash) differently this year. It is called Miyako Musubi. The old coral hair piece is from my mom. Love this dark color. I also made a bag with Chrysanthemum print fabric for Yukata.

A shot with Taiko drum. Ohhh, very festive! Steven is happy with Japanese beer. He looks nice in Yukata and with beer. Doesn't it look like a beer poster?

See? Looks nice. Click the pic to read the fine prints.

Here is the Japanese version :)

The food there was OK. The one in San Jose Japan town we went to last year was much better...

We bought a big Shiso (Japanese basil) plant!! Now we can enjoy them all summer!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Picture Frames, Garden and Pie

Steven is making frames for my rabbit fabric. I painted them black and here, the rabbit wall hanging is done!!

Our vegetables are doing great this year. Look at them!

Grilled shishito was so tasty with soy sauce. The cucumber and tomatoes were sweet!!

I made a Mango cream pie for neighbor's party. Looks nice!!!!!!

Tasted GREAT, too!!!

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Monday, July 04, 2011

4th of July block party

We had a 4th of July block party on out street. I decorated our front yard with red, white and blue. Gracie next door woke up early and combing her Rapunzel's hair. She is sooooooo cute.
アメリカ独立記念日のパーティー。家の前の道を交通止めにして ご近所さんみんなが集まります。ウチも前庭を赤、青、白でデコレーション。お隣のGracieも今日は早起きして、ラプンツェルの髪をといています。本当にかわいい子!

These guys are staring at a bounce house setting up. Men are the same in any generations, from left 52 years old, 18 years old, and 7 years old. Guys, there are a lot of things to do this morning. Get up and work!

Bred made a cute street sign for the party. The reason it has Houston is that one of our neighbor families is moving there. The family is very nice family and has a cute boy and girl. We will miss them very much.

Now we are setting up a tent. I put a "birthday boy" pin on Steven's back so that people can see it. He was getting a lot of birthday wishes. :)
さて、テントの設営が始まりました。Stevenの背中に「Birthday boy」のバッチをつけてあげました。それでたくさんの人から「おめでとう!」って言われてた。

Let's get the party started!! Appetizers are served. I made fig, blue cheese and pistachio on bagguet.
さあ、パーティーが始めましょ! アペタイザーが並びます。私はイチジク、ブルーチーズ、ピスタチオを薄切りバゲットに乗せたものを持っていきました。

Bike parade has started! The bikes/tricycles are all decorated with red, white and blue. Everybody is soooooo cute!

Rachel and Aki came and joined us! The busy blues man has a day off today.

More activities also started. We heard a lot of laugh and giggling all day.

Mo had a Oyster bar (and s red bull rocket) from Oyster girls and they were soooo good. They served Miyagi oysters and they were raw, steamed and grilled. The Oyster girl was VERY cute, too. Steven kept going back to the girl, the bar.
Moの前庭ではオイスターバーがオープン。(Red bullで作ったロケットもね。)The Oyster girlというケイタリング会社なんだけど、この日は「ミヤギ」という種類の牡蠣。生、蒸したの、グリルしたのとあって、ひゃーっ、おいしかった。このオイスターのお姉さんが超かわいかった。Stevenも何度もこのお姉さんのところへ、いえ、オイスターバーのところへ戻り、おいしくいただいてました。

Aki & Steven's cupcake shot. There is one more boy whose birthday was today so they got his birthday cupcakes.

Here comes the famous Norton Rocket car! The cars have rockets and the loop which the wire goes through. They are ready to rock!

Everybody got together and are watching the rocket cars. At the end of the course, there are hay barrels and rocket cars crashed into them. Booom!!

There were cute dogs, too. I want a doggy!!!

We had a great time all day...

Now, dinner time. I made salmon pasta. It was not just a salmon. I cured it with sugar, salt and lemon peel and baked salmon. Ohhhh, it was tasty.

Before the sunset, there was a Pinata. Tyler pulled it too hard because it broke on only third kid. Yeah, candies!!

We sit on our front porch and had dinner with listening to live music. Oh, I drunk margarita and sangria too much. The cup on my mouth tells how much. :)

The last activity was fireworks on the street.
The summer has started!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Birthday Dinner

I made dinner to celebrate Steven's birthday. His birthday is on 4th but we will have a big event on the street that day and we cannot have birthday dinner. So we celebrated a little early.

Scallop and sea urchin salad. Isn't it pretty?
As per Steven's request, I made steak au poivre with this recipe. It was pretty good. Perfect medium rare! The dessert was gateau de chocola with berries.
Stevenのリクエストでsteak au poivre、ペッパーステーキをこのレシピで。かなりおいしかったよ。焼き具合も完璧なミディアムレアでした。デザートはガトーショコラのベリー添え。
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