Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beaujolais Nouveau 2013

Beaujolais Nouveau Day. The third Thursday in November. I have already known this is not a popular event in US but I can get it in Wholefoods. Yes, I have learned that all the Wholefoods stores have the wine IN THEIR BACKROOM. I have funny stories every year and you can see my last 5 years' stories here.

Now this year, one of my friends and I went to Wholefoods. We looked at the sales floor but we didn't see any so I asked one guy at the floor.

Me:"Do you have Beaujolais Nouveau?"
The guy:"I think so....let's it is."
Me:"Umm...that is regular Beaujolais. We want "Nouveau". New wine."
The guy:"Hmmmm..." (He is looking at the regular piles.)
Me:"You cannot sell it till today so if you didn't take them out today. I think they are still in the back."
The guy:"How do you know we don't sell till today?!"
Me:"It is the rule."
The guy:"??????"
Me:"Can you please check the back room?"
The guy:"OK! How do you spell it again?"
Me:(pointing to Beaujolais bottle) "this Beaujolais and Nouveau."
The guy:"Will be right back."

and he came back with three bottles and asked "How many do you want?"
Thank you, thank you, and thank you. He was very helpful and nice. I may have been a weird Asian woman talking about French wine. Sorry I didn't mean to be mean (or snobby) and we just wanted the wine.

The taste of the wine? It was very good. Young, fruity and easy to drink.Thank you, the Wholefoods guy! :)

ボジョレーヌーボー解禁日。11月の第3木曜日。アメリカでこれが人気イベントでないことはよーくわかっております。でもWholefoods(スーパーマーケット)に行けばあるということもわかっていた。どのWholefoodsにもあるのよ。ストックルームにね。毎年この日はおもしろい話があるのですが、過去5年分の面白い話はここ です。


私:"Beaujolais Nouveauありますか?"
お兄さん:"えーっとぉ..." (通常の売り場を見ている。)
お兄さん:"OK! そのつづりをもう一回教えて。"
私:(Beaujolaisのボトルを指差して、) "この Beaujolais と N-o-u-v-e-a-u."



Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween decoration is ready. The skull in the tree hole is this year's hit. People stop at the tree to look into it.

My costume this year is Hit girl. Who said I am too big for that?!
私の仮装はHit girl。誰?大きいHit girlなんていってるのは!
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mackerel Sushi

I know this is not the traditonal Mackerel sushi but I did anyway. Packed smoked Mackerel-It is not so difflicult to get here and what's difficult is getting fresh Mackerel so I used smoke one.

Here is the methog. Now I made a mistake not to place Mackerel fist and rice on top of it. Hope my mom is not reading this. Cooking untraditional Mackerel sushi with untraditional way. Oh, well...


See, doesn't look too bad. We had it with grilled eggplant and braised shiitake+Okra.
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Sunday, October 06, 2013

San Jose Rock 'n' Roll 2013 Half Marathon

It was my 4th SJ Rock 'n' Roll race and I made my personal record. I finished 2 minutes earlier than last week. What did I do different this year? 1.I ate good amount of food before the race (I usualy eat only one banana). I usually don't have energy to run faster at the end but this time my pace in the last mile was faster than the one in 12 mile. 2. I ran with a GPS watch. Well, I love my Nike Sports watch because it is sleek and cute but it is not accurate at all. This time I checked my GPS watch and was able to adjust my pace.

今年も San Jose Rock 'n' Roll のハーフマラソンを走ってきました。4回目の参加で自己記録を出しました。去年より2分速かったのだけど何が違ったのでしょう。1.レースの前にちゃんと食べた(おうどん半分とみたらし団子一本)。いつもはバナナ一本で過ごすのでいつもは最後の方で力が出ない。今回は最後の13マイル目は12マイル目より速く走れたの。食べるのは大事です。2.GPSウォッチで走った。今まで使っていたNikeのSports band はおしゃれで細くていいけれどデータが正確ではないんだもの。今回はGPSウォッチでペースを見て調整しながら走れました。

I went to After Run party with my running mates. It is always nice to have somebody support and share the moment.

And always thank you to Steven who waited for me on the street near our house and my friends and coaches who cheered me virtually.
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Thursday, July 04, 2013

July 4th Block Party

As always, we had a block party on July 4th. More importantly, it is Steven's birthday so I cooked egg Benedict to start celebrating his birthday. Note: I even made the Hollandaise sauce from scratch!
 Wow, egg york is runny on smoked salmon. Mmmmm...delicious!
Music band and rocket car are good as usual. His birthday cake is chocolate. To tell you the truth, I changed the order just two days ago. I thought he likes short cakes (white cream cakes) and asked which he would like and answer was "chocolate". Ooopsy but it was not too late to change.
Look at how cute Miss O is! Steven and I were very happy to hold her...



 The party started at 1pm and ended at 9pm. It was a looong day. 100 people came to our little street and had a big fun together. Happy birthday, USA and...

Happy birthday again, Steven!


Happy Birthday, Steven!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

My 50th birthday in a Restaurant in Los Gatos. This place is great. I would say they are one of the best in Bay Area.

Special birthday dessert which is all gone except the writing. :) Thank you honey for the tasty birthday dinner and present (I will tell what is is later.)

Friday, June 07, 2013

Cutest visitor

We had a cute visitor today. I was baby sitting Ms.O next door while her family went to shopping.
Ohhh, she is so cute.

She was very good during her visit. We had fun sitting on the grass in the back yard and looking at our tomato plants. I even changed her diaper.

Her sister Ms.G also visited us when they came back from their shopping. She is adorable, too.

I can baby sit you anytime, Ms.O!! It was a precious time.
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Mariko's farewell BBQ party

 One of my host sisters, Mariko is leaving for Las Vegas to be a makeup artist. She is going to school there. I have known her since she was four so it is hard to believe she became a big girl like that. When I lived with her, she was only 4 or 5 years old. Every time I took her to a grocery store, she asked me. "Can you buy me the pink balloon?" I did a few times since I cannot say no to little cute girls.


 I was invited to their BBQ gathering in Santa Cruz and I bought this fruit tart. This is not just a regular fruit tart. This is a gluten free dessert. Her sister, Mikako and her husband, Brendan need gluten free food so I made this that way. I used almond meal and it was GOOOOOD!
I always feel like home when I visit them and they treat me like their eldest.

Wonder how old this picture is.
Good luck, Mariko. Be a great makeup artist!
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Fleur de Lys for Anniversary dinner

 We had a dinner at Fleur de Lys in San Francisco for our 8th Anniversary. This is the restaurant I have wanted to come for a long time.
Amuse Bouche was artichoke cold soup and carrot salad+ham+pea paste. The cold soup was very tasty. Artichoke spoke well in the creamy soup.
The carrot salad was so so. It tasted like chinese food. No offense but it was not so Frenchy for introduction.
We had four course meals. Here is mine.
SYMPHONY OF:Toasted duck ham & mozzarella “slider, ”French potato salad with white anchovy, “Faux gras” mousse, piquillo gazpacho
BACON CRUSTED SEA SCALLOPS:Black beluga lentils, pork belly, pickled shallots and harissa
OVEN ROASTED VENISON LOIN WITH TRUFFLED BABY BOK CHOY:Accented with a rich cocoa nib red wine reduction, spanish chorizo, cocoa tuile
A FANTASY OF CHOCOLATE & PRALINE PARFAIT:Served with Lucama ice cream and a homemade marshmallow napoleon
 And Steven's.

CHILLED DUNGENESS CRAB SALAD:With shavings of young vegetables, lobster infused vinaigrette, and lobster fondant with caviar
JUMBO LOUISIANA PRAWNS:Cream of artichoke, citrus salad, porcini oil, served with a tangerine sauce
KOBE BEEF CHEEKS, TOPPED WITH MUSTARD AND CORNICHONS:Smoked veal jus, sweetbread fricassee with truffle & spinach
CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE:Served with cherry and Kirsch ice cream
Everything was very tasty and presented very well. I loved the surprises when I put them in my mouth because the puree and the sauce are very well designed/cooked. Some of them are hard to tell what they are. It was exquisite!

We got a special dessert for our anniversary! So sweet. It was two macaroons and strawberry mousse with caramel light shade.
Happy 8th, Honey!! More great years to come :):)

Great service and great food. I give them 5 stars. Thank you, Mr. Keller.
Oh, and thank you for this wonderful dinner, Steven!!

Fluer de Lys
777 Sutter St San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 673-7779
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Brazilian/Italian Nights

I try to cook varieties when I cook dinner. Sometime I cook from cook books. Other time I try making the dishes we had in the countries we visited.

Brazilian night:Brazilian night starts from playing Bosanoba. I usually play Antonio Carlos Jobin or Astrud Gilberto. I sing a long with them and chop ingridents and pour some dende oil (Palm oil). The dish below is seafood stew, Moqueca. Cod, shrimp, oysters, tomatoes, mushroom and peppers were cooked in coconutmilk for a half an hour. I also baked cheese balls, pao de quejo. I used this box.
Mmmm, love Brazilian food.

ブラジルナイト:ブラジルナイトはボサノバをかけるところから始まります。大体Antonio Carlos Jobin とか Astrud Gilbertoとか。鼻歌を歌いながら材料を刻んだりデンデオイルを注いだりします。下の写真はムケカというブラジルのシーフード。たら、海老、牡蠣、トマト、きのこ、ピーマンなどをココナツミルクで30分ほど煮てできあがり。チーズブレッドのパンディケージョも焼きましたよ。といってもこれを使ったのだけれど。あぁ、ブラジル料理大好き。


Italian Night: When I make pasta dishes, I sometime play Opera like Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck. Well, no pasta this time so I play something else like Coldplay. No relaionship to Italy.:) :)

Appetizer is cucumber+cheese prosciutto. I like this one from Paloma because it is not too salty.
Green pea soup with cheese crisp. I even made the crisp. The green looks pretty in my Wisteria bowl.


Main dish is pan fried halibut with Canelloni bean sauce. White on white doesn't look appetite but tasted very good.

So what should I cook tomorrow? Moroccan, Greek, Thai, German or Japanese?

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Baby Shower

We went to a baby shower on our street. I made strawberry trees and tea sandwiches. Steven made a base of the trees. I placed banana leaves and strawberry leaves on the tray, then put saran wrapped cones. After that, I pinned strawberries/black berries with tooth picks and insert some mint leaves between the berries.

Looks nice, isn't it? The berries were sweet and juicy, too!

Made egg salad and zucchini+sun dried tomato+cheese sandwiches so that vegetarians can eat. I placed some pansies from our yard in my favorite little vase in the center.


40 people got together for the baby shower. Colorful setting. Our neighbors are so sweet. The preparation can tell how much they care about the family. It was amazing. I am sure the baby will love this neighborhood.

We played dirty diaper game. I put seven brands of chocolate on diapers and melted them with a hair dryer. Yesterday night was hot and they didn't become solid so I put them in the fridge. Yep, I had dirty diapers in our fridge for an hour. Tha object of the game is finding out what brand the chocolates are. So funny to watch people sniffing diapers. :)


There are lot of cuties at the party and it was all-you-can-hold environment! Love babies.