Monday, May 30, 2011

Hong Kong 6: Shanghai style dim sum

After the 3 mile run in the hotel gym ( I have been running 3 miles EVERY DAY in Hong Kong otherwise I will gain weight with all the yummy food.), I had "small" bowls of noodle (I swear they were only 3-4 inch bowls!!) Shrimp won ton noodle and dry shrimp egg powder over the dry noodle.

Left Central area where I was and went to Time square to explore Hong Kong. It was a few hours later I had the noodle that Steven called me. "Where are you, honey? We are going to have dim sum in Times Square area. Care to join us?" Of course I care and I AM in that area. I didn't tell him I had two noodles earlier.

Ohhhhhh, they were sooooooo good. It was Shanghai style dim sum and we had a lot of dishes I hadn't even seen before. There are only four pictures above. Well, we ate 10 more dishes at least. With Steven's coworkers in HK, seven of us. Including Shanghai dumplings with crab eggs in them!!!

They went back to the office and I went back to explore the town. Sorry, guys!

I know I am putting too many food entries but I am in Hong Kong, dude. I cannot avoid the topics. Too many good food here. Now we chose this tiny restaurant for dinner.

We went in because our favorite Anthony Bourdain came here and said "This pork was a highlight of the Hong Kong stay" in his show. Yes, he was right. The pork skin was very crispy, almost like hard baguette crust and juicy and deep taste inside. I am sure it was deep fried first. We shared this dish and keep screaming. "So goood!!"
ここに決めた理由は入り口に新聞記事が張ってあって、大好きなAnthony Bourdainがここに来て「ここのポークは香港旅行のハイライトだった。」と彼のテレビ番組で言ったそうなので。んー、彼は間違ってませんでした、ポークの皮がとてもカリカリしておせんべいくらいの噛み応えで中のお肉は柔らかくてジューシーで、深いあじわい。最初に油で揚げてあるのでしょうけれど、なんておいしいの!この一皿を二人で分けて食べたのだけど、「うひゃー、おいしー!」って叫び続けてました。

Lung Kee Restaurant
G/F, 5 Gage Street,
Central, Hong Kong

We don't do bar hopping but we do restaurant hopping. A little walk after the decadent pork & rice, we had noodles. Again, shrimp won ton noodle. I've just got an email from Sumiko from San Francisco saying "Eat their noodle till you get sick. You cannot go to Hong Kong every day. You don't want to regret later" Yes, I took your advice, Sumiko san. This was 4 or 5 th bowls of noodle in 5 days. :)
私たちは飲み屋さんのはしごはしないけれど、レストランのはしごはします。ポークを食べたあとちょっと歩いて、またもや海老ワンタン麺。San Franciscoのすみ子さんからEmailが来てて、「めったに来れるわけじゃないのだから、本場の麺をおなか壊す覚悟でたくさん食べるべし。」と。はい。アドバイス通りにしております。すみ子さん。

Time to go back to the hotel to pack. We are leaving tomorrow. We took the last tram ride and said good by to Hong Kong.

Good night, Hong Kong and thank you. We had a LOT of fun here!!