Friday, January 25, 2008

We are back to US and I am cooking! :)

Since we had a lot of great food in Paris, I wanted to cook some of them at home ("imitate" at least ). This is called, Civet de boeuf, French style beef stew. I wanted to make Civet de Sanglier which is wild boar stew but I couldn't the meat so used beef this time.

USに戻ってきました。そしてお料理してます!パリでたくさんおいしいものに出会ったので真似して作ってみたい。それでまずはCivet de boeuf、フランス風ビーフシチュー。本当はCivet de Sanglier(イノシシのシチュー)を作りたかっのだけど、イノシシ肉が手に入らずビーフシチューになりました。

Day 1: You put onion, beef, garlic, mushrooms, carrots, cerely, thym, bay leaves, whole black peppers, juniper berries in the pot and pour a whole bottle of red wine and a half cup of red wine vinegar. Put a lid and place in the fridge.

Day 2:Stir the contents in the pot and put it back to the fridge.

Day 3:After 48 hours of marinating in the fridge, take out meat and vegies on the separate dishes. Keep the wine marinaing liquid. Brown the meat and vegies in the saute pan saparately and set aside. Boil the marinating liquid and pour some beef broth. Meat and Vegies go into the pot and cook for 1.5 hours. Getting hungry?Sorry it is not ready yet. Stop the heat and set aside to bring to room temparature and place in the fridge!!

Day 4:Take out the pot from the fridge and you see the fat risen up on the surface so get rid of them with a small spoon.(the yellow part is fat in the picture)

After the skimming, put the lid back and cook in the oven (350 degree) for another 1 hour AND....
Voila! Incredibly tasty beef stew, Civet de beouf!!
ジャーン!信じられないおいしさのビーフシチュー、Civet de beoufのできあがり。

The bowl in the picture above is from the market called Monoprix in Paris. When I saw this red coral design, I liked it at the first sight so I got matching dishes, too. Our 3 week home in Paris was in Montparnasse and we loved the town. Not too busy but there are a lot of restaurants, park, shops and everythiing! They even have a shopping mall, Gallery LaFayette so I didn't have to go far for shopping. Especially they have old cafes where the artists got together and talk about their passion to art. It was the birth place of the art!! :) Next time we come back to Paris, we will stay in Montparnasse maybe in a cute aurberge.
写真中のボウルはMonoprixというパリのお店で買ったもの。このさんごのデザインを見たとき一目で気に入ったのでおそろいのお皿まで買ってきました。パリでの3週間の住まいはモンパルナスでしたが、私達はこの町がとてもお気に入り。たくさんのレストランやショップ、公園、何でもあるのだけどそんなに混んでないし、有名なショッピングモール、Gallery LaFayette まであるので歩いて買い物にいけるという便利さ。でもこの町の魅力は何と言っても歴史深いカフェ。若きピカソやコクトーなどのアーティストが集い、アートへの情熱を語る!アートの誕生の土地ですね。次回にパリに来たときもモンパルナスに来たい。可愛らしいオーベルジュ何ていいですね。
I also made Cassoulet de poulet (chicken+bean stew), I put some baked grapes in the stew and brown the top in the oven for 15 minutes. Hmmmm, tre bien!
又、別の日にCassoulet de poulet(チキンと豆のシチュー)も作りました。オーブンで焼いたぶどうをシチューに入れて最後の15分はふたを開けてオーブン内で焦げ色をつけます。オー、トレヴィアン!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Paris 11- The last day in Paris
OK. I need to rush going through my to do list in Paris because we are leaving tomorrow!!!
After the last shopping for some souvenirs for our friends and families, I wanted to go to St Germain Dupree area one more time to see the streets. さて、いよいよ明日はUSに帰る日なので、やり残すことのないようにチェック、チェック。友人、家族へのおみやげ買いをすませ、サンジェルマンデュプレにもう一度、町並みを見に行く。

After I walked in the area, I HAD TO go to this Soba restaurant. Believe or not, we don't have any soba restaurants in Bay area where we live. So I couldn't miss it even if I am in Paris. Oh my gosh it was so good. The soba noodle was cooked just right! Duck dipping sauce ( there were a few duck meat in there, too) was so tasty with green onion. I also had sesame tofu and this is also wonderful in pretty presentation. そこで絶対にはずせないレストランは…はい、お蕎麦屋さんです。だって私の住むBay Areaは和食レストランはたくさんあるけどお蕎麦屋さんがないのです。だから蕎麦好きの私はパリだろうがどこだろうが絶対に行きたかったの。すごくおいしかった。おそばが絶妙の硬さでゆでられていて、鴨せいろをいただいたのだけど香り高いつけ汁と鴨とねぎが感動的でした。ゴマ豆腐もいただきましたが、これもまたごまたっぷりでその上、盛り付けも洗練されていて。

22, Rue St Benoît
75006 Paris, France
+33 1 45 44 11 18

Steven called me they have Champaign and galette de rois (New year cake : the person who gets the piece with a charm inside is lucky for the year.) at office and they saved some for me! But when I got there, David was already wearing the crown so I knew he was the one got the charm :( but the cake was very tasty. Stevenがシャンパンとgalette de rois(新年のケーキ:自分がもらったケーキの一切れに小さなおまけが入っていた人がその年はラッキーというもの。)がオフィスにあって私のために残してあるよ~と電話してくれたので、喜びいさんで行きました。でも部屋に入るとすでにDavidが紙の王冠をかぶっていたので、彼があたりだったことはすぐに判明。ぐすん。でもケーキはとてもおいしかった。

Steven was able to left the office early with me so we enjoyed the rest of the day. I know this is too much sweet after we ate the cake at the office but this has been on my to do list since we missed this when we came to Paris for our honeymoon so we needed to go. This Japanese pâtissier owned patisserie has a lot of BEAUTIFUL (and of course tasty) bake goods so it was very hard to choose one but I chose the Macha(green tea) Mille-feuille. Ohhhh it was very delicate balance of sweetness and bitterness. The pie part was so crispy and fresh! I wanted to try all of them there...Stevenが私と一緒に早くオフィスを出られたので残りの一日を楽しみました。オフィスであのケーキを食べた後なのでこれ以上は。。。と思いましたが、前回、新婚旅行で来たときにいきそこなってからずっと気になっていたのでここのケーキいただきました。この日本人のパティシエが経営するパティセリーはそれはたくさんのおいしいくて美しい甘いものがたくさんあって、選ぶのに困りますが、抹茶のミルフィーユを選択。甘さと苦さのデリケートなバランス、パイがかりっとしていて新鮮、さすが日本人パティシエ、細部まで行き届いている。できれば全部トライしたいです。
Sadaharu Aoki
35 rue de vaugirard
75006 Paris
01 45 44 48 90

We walked to Luxenbourge park from the patisserie.The park has historical buildings and a lot of Roman statues and felt like I was in the park of Versailles. (this is one of the sites we need to go next time.)

Here is the Montparnasse tower watching from the park. We stayed at the hotel closed to this tower so it is very familiar for us now. これが公園からみたモンパルナスタワーこれの近くのホテルに滞在していたので何だか今ではとても見慣れたなつかしい感じ。

The last dinner in Paris was Raclette with our good friends, Sacha and Anna. 最後の夕食はラクレットをSachaとAnnaと一緒に。

Look at the top three pictures of the collage picture below. This is how we melted the cheese. The heating device keepes melting the triangle cheese so somebody(this time Steven) needs to scrape it and drop it on the plate. I know it is a high calorie dinner but hey, this is the last dinner here and we will regret if we don't have this now. We had smoked salmon+salad, Raclette(the melting cheese on 3 kinds of ham) and beef oil fondue. The dessert was chocolate sauce covered puff creams with ice cream inside. Ohhh the chocolate sauce was killer. French people know how to serve chocolate! 下のコラージュ写真の上3つがチーズが溶けていく過程です。チーズをあたためる装置が三角形のチーズを溶かし続けるので誰かが(この時はSteven)それをけずってお皿の上に落とさなくちゃいけません。これは間違いなくカロリーの高い食事だけれど食べないでパリを離れると絶対に後悔するのできっちりいただきました。スモークサーモンの乗ったサラダ、ラクレット(この溶けたチーズを3種類のハムに乗せていただくもの)そしてビーフのオイルフォンデュを4人で食べました。デザートは(本日3つ目のデザート!)小さいシュークリームの中にバニラアイスクリームが乗っていて、チョコレートソースがかかっているもの。う~ん、フランス人はチョコレートをよくわかってる!

Paris 75014
Phone:+33 (1) 43206794


This is it! We finished the 3 week stay in Paris finally. We had a great time here (except the 5 sick days) I went to a lot of museums and cafe while Steven was working(sorry, honey...), we took a day trip to Rouen. We had memorable New Year's dinner, a lot of great food, parks, historical buildings, tasty wine, nice people, rude people, etc...Sometimes we got mad at something we don't see in US but it may be also culture. Paris has a lot of great culture, old arts , new arts, Seine river which always has a romantic atmosphere and we love it all!

We also loved the lights looks like the water drops on Champs elysee St.

Thank you Paris! We will come back soon! ありがとう、パリ!又来ます。

I know I have enough food pictures in my blog but I cannot forget this. Steven said this was the best food in this trip:Corsican Civet de sanglier (Wild boar stew). It was at the company dinner at a Corsican restaurant. My fish dish was very good, too. 私のブログは食べ物の写真が多いのはわかっているけれど、これは忘れてはならないレストラン。何せStevenがここでいただいたコルシカ風Civet de sanglier (いのししのシチュー)がこの旅行で一番おいしかったっていうのだから。これは会社のディナーで行ったコルシカンレストラン。私の白身魚もとてもおいしゅうございました。

La Villa Corse
164, Boulevard Grenelle
75015 Paris, France
+33 1 53 86 70 8

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Paris 10-Rodan museum and Basque dinner

Went to Rodan museum with Anna. アナと一緒にロダン美術館へ。

It was rainy AND windy so even using an umbrella was hard...There is a beautiful garden which has a lot of Rodan's art works but couldn't see them all because of the weather. The museum was a beautiful building Rodan used to use so I was imagining Rodan is working on his statue in the room.

Basque food for dinner. Ohhhh, we loved this Basque restaurant, Auberge Etchegorry.
Auberge means small hotel so this is the restaurant in a small hotel. バスク料理で夕食。オーベルジュ エチェゴリーというレストラン。オーベルジュというくらいだから小さいホテルとくっついているのでしょう。

The red and black exterior was very cute! 赤と黒の外装がかわいらしい。

Inside was also homey and welcoming. レストラン内も暖かいウェルカムムード。

The sausages, garlic and peppers are hanging from the ceiling.

The Baque apetizer sampler with small salad (came with smoked salmon, duck, melon and foigras) was great. Steven ordered "usual" casoulette, mine was foigras filling duck sauted with red wine and grapes. Mmmmm, I liked this combination of saltiness and a little sweetness VERY MUCH! The dessert, apple pie was a different than usual apple pie. The pie crust is very thin and flaky, the apple inside is not too sweet and it matched with vanila bean ice cream perfectly!!

Auberge Etchegorry

41, Rue Croulebarbe
75013 Paris, France
01 44 08 83 51
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Paris 9-Office and Eiffel Tower

Steven needed to go to his office to test something so I went with him. One of their conference rooms has a view with the Arc de Triumph. How lucky they are!! Stevenがオフィスでテストすることがあるというので日曜日でしたがくっついていきました。会議室の窓から凱旋門が見えるという素晴らしいロケーション。

Enough working. Let's go to lunch!! On the way to lunch, I found this building. So funny. The building is normal but the painting on makes it crooked. 早くランチに行こうよ!途中でこんな建物を見ました。すごくおもしろい。建物自体は普通なんだけどそこに曲がって見えるようにペイントされています。

We had lunch with Steven's colleague, Richard. This Lyon's restaurant was great. Look at my gorgeous salad. Stevenの同僚Richardとランチ。このリヨンレストランはとてもよかった。私の注文したおいしそうなサラダを見て!
Le Bistro MarbeufLe Bistro Marbeuf
21, Rue Marbeuf75008 Paris, France
+33 1 47 20 94 80
After the work Steven needed to do, we tried to enjoy our last Sunday in Paris. Let's go up to the Eiffel Tower! Neither he nor me hadn't been up there so we decided to go and... Stevenが残りの仕事をし終えたのでParisでの最後の日曜を楽しもうとエッフェル塔に上りました。二人とも今までのパリ旅行でも上ったことがなかったので行って見ようということに。
It was cold (Of course) but got great views of all over the Paris! もちろん寒かったけど、素晴らしい景色。パリ中が見渡せます。

The Eiffel in the sunset...そして夕暮れのエッフェル塔。

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Paris 8-Canal St-Martin
Our friends, Sacha and Anna invited me to go to Canal St-Martin since Steven is working today, Saturday. The canal was very beautiful. The ships go on the canal but they need to wait till the section fills up with water to make the same level with the next section so it takes long time to go on. I thought it is nice to wait and watch the water filling but NOT in winter. I would take this boat tour when we come in good weather. 友人のサーシャとアナがセントマーティン運河へ行くのに誘ってくれました。Stevenは土曜のなのにお仕事でこれなくて残念。運河は小さな川のようで、寒い霧の朝の中でとてもきれいでした。

We walked along the canal and stopped at the Hotel du Nord from the movie Hotel du Nord to take a picture. 運河にそって歩き、町を散策。途中で映画、北ホテルの舞台、Hotel du Nord の写真をとったり…

This is the Cafe Sesame along the canal and I had cottage cheese spread & marinated eggplant sandwich. Very good! こんなカフェでランチをしたりしました。私はコテージチーズとなすのサンドイッチをいただきました。おいしい!
This is Sacha and Anna standing in front of big globe at Science Museum. サイエンス博物館にある大きな球の前でほほえむサーシャとアナ。
In unexpected not-so-cold weather, the walking in the canal town was a lot of fun. I left them there and went to Seven's office to have dinner together at Ziti (Italian again..) Even it was after 10PM, we had no problem getting dinner because a lot of restaurants serve full dinner till 1AM in Paris. If this is San Francisco, the waiters come and ask your last order around 9:30pm.u
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Paris 7 - Louvre museum, National Museum of Modern Art at Pompidou Center, and GREAT Italian dinning.

Another wet day in Paris. Decided to go to Louvre. I knew I don't have enough time to go through all of them so focused on the ds on the 2nd and 3rd floor.パリは又、雨降り。今日はルーブル美術館へ行くことに決める。全部見るには時間が(気力もね。)ないとわかっていたので、2階と3階の絵画中心にまわる。

Even I focused on the paintings, my favourite in Louvre was The goddess of Victory (Nike). I was moved by the strength coming from the goddess statue. I took a lot of pictures of it and noticed that it looks more powerful from the right down angle. 絵画中心に回ったけれど一番好きだったのはサモトラケのニケ。その女神像から出ている強さと迫力に感動しました。たくさん写真をとったけれど右下からのアングルから見るとさらに力強い。
Do you see what I mean?ね、言ってることわかるでしょ?

Even I spent almost 3 hours, I think I didn't finish even 1/3 of the exhibitions so I will come back here someday for sure. I may spent some times under this statue with my sketch book. 3時間すごしても3分の1も見終わらなかったから又、いつか来ます。今度はスケッチブック持ってこの像の下で過ごすかも。
"Little" lunch at Le Comptoir. The food was good and I also really enjoyed their dark orange based decoration.The hot mint tea came in a shot glass and has pine nuts. Very interesting.
”ちょっと”お昼ご飯をLe Comptoirで。食事もおいしかったけどここのダークオレンジ色ベースの内装がとてもよかった。最後のホットミントティーはショットグラスで出てきて、松の実が浮かんでいました。おもしろい。
Le Comptoir
37, Rue Berger, Paris
+33 1 40 26 26 66

OK, keep destination is National Museum of Modern Art at Pompidou Center. I was very happy here because I saw a lot of Matisse. Color, color, color!!! The Matisse always makes me want to draw something...I don't do oil painting so it is hard to express richness of the color but I may be able to do it with fabrics!! さて、続けていきましょう!次はポンピドゥーセンターにあるNational Museum of Modern Art へ。マチスをたくさん見られたので大満足。色、色、色!マチスを見ると私も何か描きたくなる。私は油彩をしないのでこのリッチな色を表現するのはむずかしいなあ。でも布でだったらできるかもね。

Next one is Picasso museum. I got lost and finally found it after 45 minutes walking and I saw the sign on the door said,"we are temporary closing for a week." Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

After that, I went to Steven's office to go to dinner with him at Il Giramondo. I heard this restaurant serves great Italian food especially "al dente" pasta. I have been having hard time finding the restaurant can do "al dente" outside Japan (Japanese people are VERY serious about the how their noodle get done so you can have al dente pasta in the most of the Italian restaurants in Japan.) so when I heard somebody does "al dente" pasta, I HAVE TO GO! その後はオフィスへStevenを迎えに行き、Il Giramondoというレストランへ夕食に。このレストラン、とてもおいしいイタリアンを出し、確実にアルデンテでパスタをサーブするということを耳にした。アメリカに住んで10年。アルデンテを出すレストランを日本の国外で探すのにとても苦労しています。(日本人は麺にはとてもうるさいので、日本のほとんどのイタリアンレストランでアルデンテが楽しめますね。)だからそれが食べられると聞けば、行くしかない!

The Italian wine Steven chose was called "Il talgo" and IT WAS WONDERFUL. He got a glass og it but I didn't order the wine because I was tired after all the walking and I knew I get drunk so easily in this condition. HOWEVER, the nice waiter poured a little bit into my glass and said "Just tasting!" It was so good that we want to buy it before we leave but no wine shop had this brand.
We ordered eggplant Parmesan, basil+Parmesan spaghetti, seafood linguine and tiramisu for dessert. It WAS al dente!! The rumor was right! The eggplant was baked, not deep fried so it was not oily at all. The sauce of the seafood pasta was a tiny bit too salty but had a deep rich flavor of the ocean so I loved it. I strongly recommend this restaurant. Stevenが選んだ"Il talgo" というイタリアンワインはすごくおいしかった。彼はこれをグラスで、私は今日はずっと歩き回って疲れていたのでこの状態で飲むと悪酔いするとわかっていたので注文しなかった。でもウェイターがとても親切で、「味見だけね」と私のグラスにも少し注いでくれたのでいただきました。あ~すごくおいしかった。帰る前にこれを買っていこうと何軒もワイン店をまわったけど見つけられなかった。

Il Giramondo
175, Rue Grenelle
75007 Paris, France
+33 1 45 51 10 65
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