Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another stencil and pasta

I did another stencil on my old shirt. They are supposed to be coral but look like branches...I needed made them thicker, I guess. Well, I like plants patterns so it it ok like this, too!

We went to a Farmer's Market in Mountain View last Saturday and got fresh pasta with herbs. The great pasta we had at CHIAROSCURO possessed our minds and we were need-to eat-pasta syndrome. I made this with mushroom, dried porcini mushroom. I also used the water I soaked the porcini in. The pasta was very tasty with the aroma of herb. I want to try other pastas the vendor has.
Mountain Viewのファーマーズマーケットでハーブの生パスタを買いました。CHIAROSCUROで食べたパスタ  があまりにもおいしく、私達にとりついていたので、パスタ食べたい病だったのです。マッシュルームと干しポルチーニ茸でこれを作りました。ポルチーニを戻したお水も使いました。パスタに練りこんであるハーブの香りがよくおいしかった。あのベンダーが売っている他のも試して見たい。

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bottarga Pasta

Had Sumiko's birthday dinner at CHIAROSCURO in San Francisco. We had special dish, house made pasta with house made Bottarga !! It was soooooo good. Bottarga is salt cured so had nice dry fish aroma and rich taste. When I went to Italian cooking class, this was one of the dishes I made so thought it was popular Italian food. However I have rarely seen this dish in menu at any restaurants so I was wondering. This was special request to the restaurant from Sumiko and we did enjoy it.

I had snapper course with Bottarga pasta. Everything was very tasty. Oh, that center picture is Pasta with Bottarga. これが私のいただいた鯛のソテーコース。あ、真ん中の写真がからすみパスタです。

550 Washington St
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 362-6012

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stencil and Cassoulet

I did stencil on Tshirts using freezer paper. What a fun it was! First I outlined the plant I liked in a photograph and traced it on the freezer paper. Then cut the shape out and ironed it on the Tshirt. Colored with stencil paint, dried it and peeled off the paper and done!

I saved the cut out paper and made reversed paint (the object is not painted) on another T shirt. The one on the left is drying after I put green paint and the right is finished one. Hmmm...It is a little messy on the edges. 切り取った紙をとっておいて塗りが逆の(花部分が白抜き)をもうひとつ作りました。左側がペイントした後、乾かしているところ。右側ができあがり。うーん、やっぱり外側の塗りの部分がきれいじゃないな。

The cold weather came back so made a French stew dish, Cassoulet from this recipe which takes ONLY 3 hours to cook. Well, the original recipe takes 2 days so this is easier version. Basically, white bean+bread crumbs infused by sausages, bacon and duck legs. I used wild boa sausages which we bought from a French vendor from Farmer's market and turkey legs.
After 3 hours of cutting, browning, stewing and baking.....Voila! Oh my gosh, it was wonderful. The picture is not so great but the beans and bread crumbs sucked up the juices and great flavor from the meat and it was unbelievably good. The bread crumbs on the top is brown and crispy and the turkey meat just fell apart from the bone. Tres bien!!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration day

The speech was very moving and made us proud to say that man is our president. (well, I am just a green card holder so "proud to say I live in the country that man is leading.") I am sure I am not the only one who felt this country will change dramatically during his speech. It may take time though. I only sympathize when I think how much pressure he has now.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Warm weather, warm food

Chef Steven made another masterpiece, asparagus stuffed sole fish with Cheddar cheese sauce. The sauce is creamy but not heavy...tasty!!

We are having warm weather this week. It is 70 degrees in mid of January! I am in Tshirt & shorts but I found good choucroute recipe in my favorite blog so nedded to cook it. Stewed a lot of sauerkraut+onion in white wine with some spices and added sausage, bacon and potatoes.

Looks like German food but it is French food, a traditional dish of Alsace. I wanted to add more pork meat like pork trotters but Steven is not a big fan of those so I omitted it. Still smoky and hearty dish. It was great even in a hot day. こうして見るとドイツ料理のように見えるけどレシピは伝統的なアルザス料理ということで、フレンチ。本当は豚足など入れたかったのですが、Stevenがそういうのあまり好きじゃないので今回は抜き。でもスモーキーで食べ応えもあり暖かすぎる夜でさえおいしくいただきました。

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Monday, January 05, 2009

The food we had recently

Since we enjoyed the visits in France in 2005 and 2007. I sometimes make French food and here is something goes well with white wine, Brandade. I didn't have salted cod so started with making one. Bobby Flay's recipe says the cod should be sit in salt for 2 days but I did for 4 days by mistake so it was a little salty. I liked my Brandade baked so put it in the oven for 15 minutes. The cod and mashed potato were creamy and smooth! 
2005年と2007年に行ったフランスでは土地のお料理がとてもよかったので思い出しながら時々フレンチも作ります。これは白ワインに合うBrandade(塩タラとジャガイモをペーストにしたもの)。塩タラがなかったのでそれをつくるところからスタート。TVで人気のBobby Flayのレシピでは2日間塩漬けにということでしたが、間違って4日も漬けていたのでちょっと塩辛かったけどクリーミーでおいしかった!

Grilled Halibut, sauteed carrot and mushroom risotto. Yeah, we like fish. We are lucky because we can get very fresh sea food at farmer's market every Saturday.

The next day I made risotto cake with the left over risotto. I put some cheese in it so when I cut it the melted cheese came out from it. Mmmmm. 次の日、残ったリゾットをおにぎりみたいにして焼いて見た。チーズを中に入れたので切った時に中からトロリと溶けたチーズが…。ああ、おいしかった。

Steven cooked cod chowder. This is healthy version so didn't have any heavy milk. Great for a cold nights. Yum! Thank you, honey!

This is also Steven's work, Dried Porcini mushroom crusted halibut. Ohhhhhh, it was tasty. The dried Porcini is in the sauce too so I was able to enjoy the aroma and taste twice. The fish was done just right! My complements to the Chef Steven!!

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here is the Osechi, Japanese New Year food. This year I used Shingen Bento container which has three stacking layers and looks like a cocoon. 今年のおせちは信玄弁当の入れ物に詰めました。3重にかさなって繭のようにも見えます。
The first layer has small fish+walnuts, konbu seaweed rolled stewed herring, layered radish and smoke salmon, herring cod, and miso marinated egg yolk. 一番目は田づくりとくるみ、にしんの昆布巻き、かぶとサーモンの重ね酢の物、数の子、黄身の味噌漬け。

The second layer has mashed sweet potato (green part has some macha green tea), fish cake, shrimp, miso marinated snapper, burdock+sesame. 2番目は芋金とん(緑の部分は抹茶入り)、なると巻き、海老、鯛の味噌漬け、たたきごぼう。

The Third layer has bonita broth soup with lotus root, shrimp, shiitake mushroom, carrot, snapper, mochi(rice cake), Mizuna green. 3番目はお雑煮。蓮根、海老、椎茸、にんじん、鯛、おもち、水菜がはいっています。

Made another box, stewed chicken and veggie. The one in a small bowl is called Namasu which is daikon and carrot marinated in vinegar. Japanese recipe has dried persimmon in this but I didn't have any so used Allyson's fig jam instead because these two fruits has similar taste and it worked!

It was a lot of work to make these but was fun to do it. Steven loves Osechi and it is chance to try my cooking ability :) so I will do next year as long as we are home.

By the way....The dinner Steven made last night was Chicken w/Madeira wine sauce an green beans. The meat was soft and juicy and the bacon added smoky flavor to the green beans. Delicious! Thank you, hooney!

Celebrated the new year with the cheese cake I had frozen since Christmas.