Saturday, November 24, 2007

after the quake - Berkeley Rep Theatre
Steven and I are big fans of Haruki Murakami so when I heard there was a play in Berkley, we couldn't resist going even though it was 1.5 hours drive away from home. The music of Koto played by an American man and Cello enhanced the mysterious and funny feeling of the play. We loved it!! The french food we had before the play also good.


Friday, November 23, 2007

We went to our friends' in SF for Thanksgiving dinner.

I made this with flowers and autumn leaves for a present. これはおみやげに作ったアレンジメント。秋の落ち葉もさしてみました。

They are busy cooking in their kitchen where will be remodeled soon. They are going to have a gorgeous kitchen early next year. 12月末にはリモデルが始まるお台所で忙しくたちまわる二人。このキッチンすごいゴージャスになるようです。

We are the same height. (5'8'')...and the same age. 同じ背たけ(171cm)の私達。そして同じ年の仲良しさんです。

Oh, they were soooo tasty. I brought grilled veggies, cranberry sauce, chocolate-pecan tart. お料理はどれも美味!私の作品は野菜のグリル、クランベリーソースそしてチョコレートピカンナッツタルト。

We have a lot of things to thank for this year, too. Traveling together to a lot of places, being healthy, etc.
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beaujolais Nouveau Dinner
We invited our friend for dinner to celebrate beaujolais nouveau's release this year.

We cooked (and bought) some french food and had a nice time.

The dessert was juuust right size after the big meal.

Steven folded the napkins. Doesn't it look so professional??!!

We emptied 2 bottles of wine and played cards and games till midnight. It was so much fun...

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fall has come...It is still warm but I can see some changes on leaves.
I miss Japanese maples getting bright red color in this season.

Here are some seasonal Japanese food I cooked.
Komatsuna (Komatsu green)and Shimeji mushroom.
Oh, I love this plate (Oribe yaki) my mom gave me recently.
Doesn't it go well with the greens?

Hijiki, Mackeral miso stew with ginger, and brown rice...these are not so seasonal but I like cooking this Mackeral dish in the cold weather.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dishes I cooked in the last two weeks. Some of them have Autumn theme.

Roast Autumn vegetables and pork. Love this cookware.

Smoked salmon and beet salad. スモークサーモンとビーツのサラダ

Chicken, cannelloni beans and Shiitake mushroom stew.チキン、豆、しいたけのシチュー

Sweet potato dessert. Yum!! さつまいものスイートポテト
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Stuffed pumpkin with wild rice and veggies. かぼちゃに黒いワイルドライス、野菜、ポークをつめてオーブンで焼いたもの。

Sweet potato soup. Steven's favorite. He is a potato boy :) さつまいも(又!)のスープ。お芋好きStevenの好物。

Curry marinated cauliflower カレー味のカリフラワーの酢の物

Beets, Pecan and Blue cheese salad. ビーツ、ピカンナッツ、ブルーチーズのサラダ
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

We went to San Jose Rose Garden for picnic. I made tuna paste and egg salad and brought some smoked salmon , fruits and a baguette.
Some roses are still pretty and the park smelled wonderful! We love this park. This is our special place where Steven proposed to marry me 3 years ago :)

A Mexican couple was taking some pictures for their wedding in this romantic place.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Steven cooked Paella again! This seafood Paella has Shrimp, crams, scallops, seaweed (wakame), red pepper and onion. It was the best Paella I have ever had. The wakame kept rice moist and the dish was juicy and had rich flavors.

The dessert was store bought mini tiramisu in a chocolate cup and Rasberry sorbet.

We opened the wine from Chateauneuf du puff where we visited for our honey moon 2 years ago. Novemver 1 st is our engagement anniversary so it was a special day!


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