Friday, September 30, 2011

Picked up my bib for San Jose Rock 'n' Roll

Here it is! I picked up my bib at Expo today and ready to rock 'n' roll on Sunday. I have trained for this for almost 4 months and I felt great when I did the last 2 mile run this morning. My # is 7515 and I love this number for a some reason. Sumiko san called me to wish me luck already and she said "Eat chicken livers, Mikako san!" She has been my big support since I started running (well she is the one who pulled me in this dangerous world :) so I listen to her VERY CAREFULLY. Yep, I have been eating chicken livers. In addition, I have another big supporters this year. I joined a running team since the end of May and I have been running with them twice a week. Some of them are super fast and when I run with them, I run faster than I usually do. Well, run with them for a little bit and go back my pace though. I would say I became a strong(er) runner. They have sent me wishes and the folks I run with on Wednesdays will even come to the race to cheer us (other three friends and me) on!! And last but not least, Steven is always supportive and he sends me off with a smile when I go for my run including long weekend runs. He may say to himself after I leave, "Jeez, I didn't get married to a runner wife. She is running AGAIN?!" Well, thank you for your support, honey.

はい!今日ゼッケンを取りにいって、あさってのSan Jose Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathonへの準備は万端。ここ4ヶ月ほどこのためにトレーニングをして今朝、最後の2マイルランをしたら調子よかった。ゼッケンは7515でなぜかこの番号好き。5が好きかな、2つつながってGOGO! ですもの。すみ子さんからは今週はじめにすでに電話で応援していただいてるし、「今週は鶏の肝食べるのよ、美加子さん!」というアドバイスまで。すみ子さんは私が走り始めてからずっと私の大きなサポートなので、(というか、彼女が私をこの危険な世界に引きずりこんだんです。)彼女のいいつけはきちんと守って食べています、鶏の肝。その上、今年は新しいサポーターも。5月の終わりにランニングチームに入って週に2回ほど彼らと走っているのですが、このチームに異常に早い方々がいて、そんな彼らと走っているとつられて私も速くなるの。(所詮、最初の1~2マイルだけであとはバテて自分のペースに戻っちゃうけれど。)それでも私は強いランナーになったと思う。みなさんから応援のメッセージをいただき、水曜日に一緒に走っているみなさんは私達(3人のメンバーと私が走ります。)のためになんとレースまで応援にかけつけて下さるの。ありがとうございます!そしていつも走りに出かける時そして週末のロングランに出かける時も笑顔で送ってくれるStevenは私の大きなサポーターです。でも、私の出かけた後に「あんだよ、オレはランナー妻と結婚したおぼえはないぞ。”又”走りに行ったよ!」と言ってるかもね。いひひ、いつもありがとう。

We threw a thank you party for the supporters after the race so I arranged some flowers like my mom does when she invites people over. Is this OK, mom?

Steven's Fireplace Mantel

Yes, I was supposed to paint the mantel but I was a little busy with work and other stuff. One day when I came home, Steven was painting it. We usually share some works on our projects and say, "WE made this." but for this mantel....He made this so this is Steven's mantel.

See? Isn't it gorgeous? Too gorgeous for our modest house? Nahhhh!!
Just beautiful. Thank you, honey!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz is the first place I visited in US. Well, the first place I visited outside of Japan. It was 27 years ago and I still remember how fast I fell in love with this cute little beach town. At that time, I stayed here for three weeks. Then came back for a week after 7 years later and again came back after 14 years later and I never left ! Well, I am not living in Santa Cruz but am 40 minutes away from there.
Santa Cruzは私がアメリカで初めて訪れた場所。というよりはじめての外国でした。27年も前のことでこの小さなビーチタウンに急速スピードで恋に落ちたのを今でも覚えています。その時は3週間の滞在で、その7年後に1週間滞在して、14年後に又、戻ってきてそれからずっといるという。いえ、今はSanta Cruzには住んでいないけれど。車で40分もせずに来られます。

Wharf is the special place in Santa Cruz. When I had a hard time or missed Japan, I came here and looked at the ocean. I am from a little beach town also so this sea breeze comforts me. I still come here once in a while and this place still welcomes me and makes me happy. Very happy.
WharfはSanta Cruzの中でも私にとって特別な場所。つらいことがあったり、日本が恋しくなるとここにきて海をみていました。同じく小さなビーチタウン出身の私は海風を感じると落ち着く。今でも時々ここに来るけれど、この場所は今も私をやさしく迎えてくれて幸せな気持ちにしてくれます。すごおく幸せな気持ちに。

Well, it is not the same if I didn't meet my host family in Santa Cruz. They are the reason why I come back here so many times. This pic is very old and my host sisters are pretty ladies now. They refer me as a oldest sister. :) I feel the same.
まあ、ホストファミリーに出会わなければ、Santa Cruzがこれほど私に特別な感情を抱かせなかったでしょうけれどね。彼らが私をSanta Cruzに連れ戻した大きな理由ですから。この写真はずいぶん古いけれど、私のホストシスター達。今はみんな魅力的なLadyになってるのよ。いつも私を「一番上の姉」として慕ってくれる彼女達。私も同じ気持ちです。

Santa Cruz is not always sunny and warm so we need warm drink some times. Now I am perfectly contained. Santa Cruz is my home town for my heart.
Santa Cruzはいつも晴れていて暖かいとは限らないので、(実際、曇りの日が多い)暖かい飲み物が必要。ほら、これで完璧に幸せ。Santa Cruzは私の心の故郷なのです。

Halloween Decoration 2011

I know, I know. It is only September and it is too early to do this. HOWEVER I love this event and couldn't wait to decorate our newly colored house and I can enjoy the decoration for a month! Is it great or what? Steven said, "whatever, honey."

I got strange shaped pumpkins this year and I am not even sure if I can curve these. The smallest green pumpkin is Kabocha from my garden.

New addition to the decoration is this door wreath. I made it yesterday! Talking about colorful....

This is the whole picture. The house color is dull because it was taken in the evening.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fireplace Mantel and Tomatoes

This is our mantel, no it WAS our mantel. Yes, Steven did it again!

He wanted to add more character to the fireplace. Added columns and molding. I call it "Parthenon".

Isn't it gorgeous? The amazing thing is he didn't use a kit or anything. He designed and cut the boards and Voila! Mantel is done! He sanded it to get smooth surface. My husband can do ANYTHING!!! Now it is my turn to paint it.


Oh, by the way, our tomatoes are doing fabulous this year. Look at the beauties!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Team Shirt & Surprise party

I was working on making team shirts for my running group and they are done! Today, we are going to run in them!! I am trying to show the design on the back.

Here are the close up. Aren't they nice? It took a long time to make but we did it!

Men's shirts are round neck and long. Hey, you guys look good together!!! :)

This is for a baby!! Isn't it the cutest thing? I almost stole and hid it.

We also had a surprise birthday party at bowling lanes. Look at the bouquet I made for her. We surprised her with the bouquet, cake and gift. It was FUN !!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monterey Jazz Festival

Monterey Jazz Festival is on this weekend. I couldn't go there so decided to listen their streaming music on the lawn with wine. The music is actually live from the Monetery. Feel like I was laying on the grass in Monetery. Steven is still making mantel so I ran away from the dusty room.

Mr. Gnome keep the company so I gave some pistachios. We were listening to jazz series called"Dream of Monk" with him. He was a wonderful person to be with and I appreciated his company. :)

OK. It is getting dark. Let's lit the candles. I had a romantic night with Mr.gnome.

Hey, look! We can see stars, too. I would like to go there sometime.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Farmer's Market and hinges

This is the stuff we got at Sunnyvale's Farmer's Market today. Levain Bread, Tofu, snake beans, corns, yams, italian bloccori, peaches, nectarines, Salmon, Ono, Moroheiya and flowers!

We grilled peaches and it wa sooooo good. Next time, we will have it with ice cream.

Hinges for the shutter arrivved and they look very nice!!

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Friday, September 09, 2011

Peach Blueberry Banana Bread

I baked banana bread with peaches and blueberries. I baked the same bread last week and it went well so I did it again. I reduce 1/2 sugar from the recipe when I made last week and it was good but it was a little bit too sweet for me. This time I reduced it to 1/3 and I found out I shouldn't have :( It was not sweet at all.

I made frost and dizzle it on the bread so that the bread get some sweetness. Not bad.

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Sunday, September 04, 2011

12mile Run and Summer Vegggie Garden Party

Less than one month to my next half marathon. I ran 12 miles at Stevens Creek Trail with my running group, BAJR. I thought I coudn't make it but the team members cheered for me and yes, I did 12 miles (well, it was 11.6 actually)! Thank you guys!! The pace was 9:32. If I can keep this pace, I could finish the half marathon in 2 hour 4 mins!! I may be able to make a personal record?!
次のハーフマラソンまで、一ヶ月を切りました。それで今日はランニンググループのBAJRの皆さんとStevens Creek Trailを12マイル走りました。最後はきつくてもう止まりそうになりましたが、みなさんから支えられ、ゴール!ありがとうございました!ペースは9:32/mile。もし、このペースが保てれば2時間4分くらいで完走できるの。もしかして今回は個人記録をぬりかえるかも…よ。皆さんと走るようになって速くなりました。うれしい。

We also had a neighor's party this evening. It was Summer garden veggie party. Everybody made something using their veggies from their gardens! What a great idea! I made noodle salad with our garden tomatoes, green peas, shimeji mushroom. The sauce has sesame, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil. It was nice cold dish for a summer day like today.

There were pizza, tomato+mozzarella cheese, pies and more! We enjoyed all the veggie dishes.

We enjoyed a lot!


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Friday, September 02, 2011


I had ipizza today.

ipizza at Apple was VERY good. We three shared two pizza. They have brick oven to bake this pizza in their yard.

It is delicious! おいしいよお!

Need a photo, right? Sumiko said"Say Apple!!" so I am saying "A" and Steven is saying "p"

The visitor badge has an apple, too.

We are twins. That is what we say to everybody. Same hight(5'8"), same age(28)hee, hee, hee and we are also both runners!

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