Friday, April 29, 2011

Sharks & Run for Japan

San Jose Sharks beat LA Kings and are going to the next stage of Playoffs for Stanley cup!! I drew this on our front window. We are also rooting for the Philadelphia Flyers so I didn't forget their name.


I volunteered for making signs for Run For Japan event. I got a cool Staff T-shirt! I made some friends here and had fun making these signs.
Run For Japanのイベントで看板書きのボランティアをしてきました。かっこいいスタッフTシャツまでもらっちゃった。お友達もできて楽しくサインを作ってきました。

Aya san, me and Tomomi san

These are our goody bags and bibs. Steven and I are walking this time. Next time we are running. Right? Steven? Hey, where did he go?!

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