Monday, December 31, 2012

Progressive Dinner 2012

Our New Year's Eve is always safe and peaceful with people on Norton Ave. We did this year, too.
I made puff pastries for appetizer. Mushroom one and Ham & Cheese one. It was my first try but went well. Tasted pretty good.
大晦日はいつもNorton通りの皆さんとすごします。ことしもProgressive Dinnerをしました。私はペイストリーを作りました。マッシュルームのとハム&チーズの2種類。
Rudolf was there, too. Looks like he didn't go back to North Pole with Santa.

We started at one house for appetizer and move to another house for Soup & Salad, Main dishes, Dessert and Champaign. We started at 7pm and ended at a little past at midnight so 5 houses for 5 hour. Pretty simple.

I was wearing a shinny sweater with sequins that my mother in law gave me for Christmas present.

We took pictures in front of the hosted houses.

Well, we missed pics on two other houses but it is OK.

Happy New Year !!
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cooking class for Osechi

After a nice 10 mile morning run, I went to a French cooking class to make Western Osechi for New Year's day dishes. Osechi is Japanese New Year's dishes and usually Japanese food but we sometimes make western items and pack in Ojubako (special obento box).

We cooked for 5 hours with the french chef including lunch which is OMG tasty Omelet rice. I don't have any pics for the lunch but it was ridiculously good. The chef made them for us and the eggs were soft and when we cut the surface of the omelet, it nicely fell down over the ketchup flavored rice. Chef poured a plenty of demi glace sauce he made over it and ohhhhhhhh. We were in heaven.

We made 10 kinds of food and they are nicely set in my Ojubako. Pretty!

Here is the evidence that I did attend this Osechi cooking. I am rolling stuffed chicken.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas days

After Christmas day, we drove to Steven's father's house. We always enjoy breakfast at Country Deli near his house. This is a heavy metal toy they have on the counter. The man suuposed to hold a ring for the dog to jump in but this is antique and it has been long gone. You put a coin in the dog mouth then he jump through the ring and drop the coin in the barrel. Wish I could see it.
クリスマスの後はお義父さんのところまで2時間の運転をして行きました。彼の家の近くにあるCountry Deliでいただく朝食は私達のお気に入り。今回もいってきましたよ。この写真は重い鉄製のおもちゃ。この人は本当は輪っかを持っているはずなのだけど、アンティークらしくそれはずっと昔になくなっています。わんこの口に硬貨をおくと、彼はジャンプして輪っかをくぐり樽に硬貨を入れる。という仕組み。見たかったな。

The place has a lot of Christmas decoration. The santas butts are all cookie jars. Cute? We had good pancake brunch and had good time with Dad.
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

We are in Philadelphia to spend Christmas with Steven's family. Look! It is snow!! Perfect timming. We are having white Christmas. However the snow was very light and I made only tiny snowman.
We are follow the Christmas tradition. Opening presents on Christmas morning.
Steven got a cool sweater. Looks good on you, honey.

I also got a sweater but mine is shinny sequined one and I can wear it New Year's eve. The head band has a feather! We gave a bag for Mom and hat&scarf for Frank but Mom said "Oh, no pics! I am still in PJs."  so no pictures.


Now time to cook a Christmas dinner. We ordred this 7lb ham from a store and it was delivered in time. Wow, huge! I will put apricot jam+garlic+whisky on the ham and roast in the oven for 40 mins.

Roasted veggies is everybody's favorite here. Mushrooms, persnips, Romanesco, sweet potato and yellow pepper. I should have bought a red one for color.


Almost ready to cook!
I also made chest nut stuffing and some appetizers. Mashed potato is mom's.
 Look how big this ham is!
 Everything was tasty and we had a nice Christmas dinner.
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Before & After Ryoko's wedding in Tokyo

Before and after Ryoko's wedding, we were pretty busy in Tokyo.

With Ryoko & Yu san at Italian Izakaya
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Making Udon

 This is what I had wanted to do for a long time and I finaly did it. Making Udon noodle! The reason I had postponed was that it seemed very difficult and couldn't find Udon flour in Bay Area. Well, I made with "regular" all porpose flour. Gold Brand.

Took 7-8 hours to make it. Here is the whole process.

1.Mix the flour and salt water and kneal
2,Step the dough with feet (the dough is in the bag!)
足で踏む(ちゃんと袋に入れました。) for 1 hours
こねる for 1 hours
こねる for 1 hours
8.Step the dough with feet
足ふみ for 1 hour
10.rolling out the dough

 and cook for 10 minutes. そして10分茹でてできあがり。

It was pretty good but it was not great either. Well I will try it again and I will be a master of making udon. :)
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bay to Brakers 2012

Ran Bay to brakers with my running team mates.
Bay to Brakersをランニングチームの仲間とはしってきました。

Shall we go?

The gangs are all here!

 This is just me posing after the race at home.

We also had a Solar Eclipse. We supposed to see C shape shade on the sun and got out...Oh the shade on the house are all C shape! A lot of them! I would be disappointed if this is my report card though, :)


Thursday, March 01, 2012

Girl's Day prep

I got my Hina dolls out for Girl's day (March 3rd). They are on the mantel like last year. I think this is going to be the designated spot for them.

This year the prince and princess got a little treat. Steven's friend, Yuka san got us Girl's day sweets from Japan.

I was lookin at their faces and found him funny. Seems like he is almost crying, doesn't it? Hey, are you having trouble playing your drum?

The pot pourris are coming along. Pretty color and still smell good...

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A lot of roses on Valentine's day

I got roses on Valentine's Day! Steven was in London but he sent me these pretty roses and chocolates. How lucky I am! He called me a day before and said "Don't go running tomorrow morning because something is coming." I was happy to wait for SOMETHING. I usually run around 7am and I didn't think IT comes that early but I didn't go out just in case. 8am, 9am, and afternoon was almost gone. The door bell rang at 4:30pm. I know it is THE busiest day for flower shops but isn't it a little too late? Well, it is not Steven's fault or anything and I shouldn't complain because I got such beautiful flowers. On top of that, there is a box of chocolate! What am I saying?

Gorgeous flower close up. Aren't they the prettiest? The color of it was amazing. Dark red and velvety. I adored them and kept looking at them.

I loved them too much and I decided to make potpourri after I enjoyed the flowers for a week.

By the way, isn't my camera great? It captures all the details.

It takes pictures like an SLR camera does. See the glass is focused and other things behind it are not. Good camera!

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