Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hong Kong 7 : Leaving Hong Kong

We had coffee and some pastries for breakfast in the hotel room. We are leaving Hong Kong soon. I am going to Japan before going home but Steven needs to go home since he has some work to do....Sniff sniff....コーヒーとペーストリーをホテルのお部屋で食べて、そろそろ香港を出発します。私は家に帰る前にパパの17回忌のお参りするため、日本に寄り道。Stevenは仕事のため立ち寄れずまっすぐ家へ。グスン。

We went to Central station and checked in there. This is the coolest system ever! You don't have to the airport to check in yourself and luggage. All can be done in town!! We both checked in and Steven left for the airport. I will miss you, honey!! See you at home in 10 days...Now I have 5 hours for my flight so went back to town and will enjoy the last moments in HK.
I am sitting at a bar in SOHO area and having mango juice (it was 10am and too early for Cosmopolitan) and writing my diary.


The view from the bar and me. バーからの眺め…と私。
I kept walking and walking ....そして歩き続けます。

Before I headed to airport, I needed to have the last noodle at my favorite noodle store. I will miss these noodle....

The daily market is always interesting in any places in the world. You can see local people's lives there. デイリーのマーケットは世界中どこでも楽しい。ローカルの人々の生活を垣間見れます。
The last pic in Hong Kong is an Year of the rabbit bus. My year!