Sunday, June 27, 2010

My birthday and July 4th preparation

We went to Dim sum for my birthday brunch and went to a phone shop after. Yeah, Steven got me an iPhone. It is 3G because I do not need Super duper new 4G one. (it costs twice more, too) I LOVE this. I get lost on the road very easily but I can use this as GPS so NO MORE getting lost when I am driving! 私のお誕生日には飲茶ランチに行って、その後フォンショップでiPoneを買ってもらいました。最新ピカピカの4Gではなく、これは3Gですが、私にはこれで十分。(値段も半分だしね。)とても楽しんでいます。方向音痴の私は運転していていつも迷うんだけど、これはGPSとして使えるので、もう迷いません。ひゃー、うれしい。

July 4th is around the corner so I made some decorations. After I hung this star decoration, Steven said "Honey, the color order is wrong. It is supposed to be Red, White and Blue." Well, your wife is a foreigner. You cannot expect me to do everything perfect on these :) :)

I also made the second laptop pillow a few days ago. More boysh color than the first one so I gave this to Steven. 数日前には二つ目のPCクッションも作りました。最初のより男の子っぽい色だからこれはStevenにあげる。

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Friday, June 25, 2010

New windows!!

Our house was built in 1942. The windows are wooden and old. I liked the old look because they got a lot of characters but they are not efficient. So time to change them.

Say hello to the new double pane vinyl windows. Steven is sticking his leg out to show they took the old window. There were 16 windows and two guys finished them in two days!! Looked very difficult to fit the window in the frame and adjust with the plastic tape. Steven said, "Glad that I didn't do by myself!" My husband CAN do everything but he is smart to know when to take and respect professional services. Good decision on this. 新しい窓はサッシで2重窓。(ガラスが二枚)Stevenが足をにょっきり出しているのは古い窓ははずされました!というのを見せているところ。16枚あった窓を2人のプロが2日で全部入れ替えました。新しい窓をインストールしているのを見てるとほんとに難しそう。Steven が「自分でやらなくて本当によかったよ。」と一言。ウチの主人は何でもできるけど、自分の限界をよく知っている上に、プロのお仕事をリスペクトした上でどのへんで受けるかを的確に見分けられるので助かります。

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Borders for Patio

Steven is making borders for Patio.

He is now VERY comfortable dealing with concrete after this and this. Getting better and better, honey!! これや、あれやでセメントの扱いはもう慣れたもの。毎回うまくなってるわよ、Steven!

Am I saying "Oh, no! The border is not straight, honey!" ? No, I am saying, "The patio needs two borders. How about one behind me? Get to work, Steven! Chop, chop!"

and Steven says, "Dream on, lady. I am drinking beeeeeer!"

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

More house projects

There was a big crack on the garage floor and Steven wanted a nice smooth one. The other day, he broke the concrete like this, and now cement time! Yes! We now have a niiiiiiice smoooooth floor. We used 80Lb x 12bags and it is almost a half ton!!
ガレージの床に大きな割れ目があったので、Stevenが平らできれいな床を作っています。この間、コンクリートを壊したので、さあ、セメントプロジェクトの始まり。37kg x12 袋だから1/2トンのセメントを流し込んで、スムーズな床ができました!

Now what is he doing? He is sanding the wall he made to get smooth surface with $3 sanding machine. Yeah, we found this at a yard sale in the neighborhood and was not sure if it works because of the price but worked PERFECT! What a bargain! We are going to keep the blue price tag. :) お次はなんでしょう。先日作ったガレージの壁を調整するのに、サンディングマシンでやすりをかけています。実はこのマシン、近くのガレージセールで、何と$3だったの。動くかどうかわからなずに買って見たのですが全く問題なく動きました。何てお買い得なんでしょ。$3と書いた青いシールをつけたままにします。

Well, I did some work, too! The medicine drawers in the bathroom were terrible. We always hate that things fall down between the wire basket. It will take sometime to remodel bathroom so we still need to use these cheap Ikea drawers. However, I have a solution. I made inner boxes with cute fabric and Voila! Looks much better and no more falling stuff!

The other project I did was decorating our fireplace. In the left small pic, you see a boring white fireplace. I bought a curved wood molding and painted white which is our fireplace color and glued it! See, it looks nice. Do you think it is going to be too crowded if I put more on the both sides? I need to think a little bit. もうひとつは暖炉の飾り。左上の小さな写真に見えますは何てことない白い暖炉。木彫りの飾りを買い、暖炉と同じ白に塗って貼り付けます。いいでしょ!さて、この両側にもう少し同じような飾りを付けたらどう?ちょっとうるさい感じになるかしら。しばらく考えます。

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Went to Espetus, Brazilian Churrasco. Gauchos (cowboys) came to our table with skewered meat and served a big variety of meat endlessly.

These pictures are from Their salad/appetizer bar was great,too.

1686 Market St. @ Gough
San Francisco, CA 94102

We had a great time with our friends, Cheryl and Bob who were visiting the City.
After the dinner, we walked in Japan town and Steven cannot believe I had a macha ice cream in crepe there after the big dinner but yeah, I did! I have an extra stomach for sweets. It had been a long time since we saw each other last time so we went to a bar in Kabuki Hotel to chat more. It was a GREAT night.
その後、ジャパンタウンを歩きました。あの大きな夕食の後、抹茶アイスクリーム入りクレープを食べている私を見て「信じられない」という顔のStevenでしたが、デザートは別腹だもーん。Cheyl とBobには久しぶりに会ったので話は尽きず、Kabukiホテルのバーでおしゃべりの続き。楽しい夜でした。
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World Cup 2010 Game 2

I woke up at 4:30am to watch Japan vs Netherlands soccer game. I even wore a Samurai blue team Tshirt. I know it was a hard to win this but we had some good chances to make a goal but missed them. After we lost with 1-0, I went for a run in the Tshirt wishing, "Someday, Japanese team is going to be strong."
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garage Door & Wall hanging

New garage door has been installed! It is automatic door so no need to get out of the car to open the garage door! Hooray! We like this old carriage style. Looks like it opens left and right but noooo. It opens vertically!

Another addition to the house is this beautiful wall hanging. We had 5 th anniversary of wedding this year which is "Wooden marriage" in traditional anniversary so had been looking for some thing wooden. もうひとつのウチの新参者はこの美しい壁掛け。結婚5周年を迎えた私達は伝統の結婚年にそってギフトを買っていますが、今年は木製の物。

We looked in Thailand, antique stores, craft shops and we finally found one we liked! It is beautiful hand carved wooden piece. It is also BIG. 日本やタイ、こちらでも骨董屋さんなどをずいぶん長い間探しましたが、やっと見つかった。ずいぶん大きいんですよ。

How big? どのくらい大きいか?

this big!! このくらい!!

Dine about town-Spruce

How elegant is it having lunch in San Francisco on weekday with Sumiko. It was a special menu for the event, "Dine about town". First course is Parsnip Soup with chestnut and black truffle emulsion. The foam on the soup was so fluffy and great seasoning with chestnut and black truffle. 平日のサンフランシスコですみ子さんと優雅にランチをしました。Dine about townというイベントで特別なメニュー。最初にParsnip Soup with chestnut and black truffle emulsion。スープの上の泡がフワフワで口当たりがよく、栗とトリュフのトッピングが素晴らしい味付けになっていました。

Next course is Celery Root Risotto with Maine sweet shrimp and black trumpet mushrooms. Hmmm, the menu said so but I didn't find shrimp in there BUT green peas and pea shoot coulis were main ingredients here. Must have been a menu change at the kitchen. Anyway it was fabulous. I enjoyed sensitive and complex taste in every bite.

次はCelery Root Risotto with Maine sweet shrimp and black trumpet mushrooms。メニュー

Our table was a special with spotlight from the sun roof :)

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The last day in Tampa

Sine the sky was so blue and gorgeous, decided to be on a small hotel beach before going to the airport. (good that I brought two bikinis because the one I used yesterday is still wet.) 空がとても青く美しかったので、飛行機の時間までホテルの小さいビーチで過ごしました。(水着を2つ持ってきてよかった。昨日のはまだ乾いてない。)

The book for this trip was "eat, pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Wanted to read it before the movie with Julia Roberts comes. Great book. There were a lot of things I can agree on her thoughts ... like about "God"...not gonna tell you what it is here :)
この小旅行用に買った本はElizabeth Gilbertの「eat, pray, love」ジュリアロバーツ主演の映画が来る前に読んでおきたかったから。いい本です。彼女に同感するところ多し。特に「神」に関しての考え。何なのかなんてここでは言わないよ~。

Before leaving the hotel, I HAD to have my last crab fix at the hotel restaurant. Crab cake open sandwich. Yummy.
Aquaknox Lounge at Westin Tampa Bay
7627 W. Courtney Campbell Causeway