Friday, May 13, 2011

First cooking in the new kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is not finished yet but it is cookable now. I made a first meal in the new kitchen. As per Steven's request, I made coq au vin for the first meal cooked in the new kitchen.
キッチンのリモデルは終わってないけれど、お料理ができるようになりました。記念すべき第一回目のお料理はStevenのリクエストにより、Coq au vin、チキンのワイン煮です。

Burrata cheese and prosciutto with black pepper on cracker is appetizer. We had been looking for this Italian cheese for long time and found it at Wholefoods. They are made locally in Berkeley. Creamy Mozzarella cheese wrapped with not so creamy Mozzarella so when you cut it, the creamy ones run out from it. Mmmmmm!

This is a cheating version of Coq au vin because I didn't spend two days to marinate the meat or cooked in the oven for a few hours. I just used our new powerful gas stove. The recipe is here.
普通Coq au vinは数日かけて作るし、何時間もオーブンを使うのですが、今回のは簡単バージョン。新しいガスレンジのパワーだけで仕上げました。英語だけどレシピはここ

Wine makes this dish sooooo tasty!