Sunday, May 31, 2009


We found Cheesesteak shop in our neighorhood and it is a REAL Philadelphia thing!
We tried Hoggie, 9th St Italian and it was great, just like we had in Philadelphia! (but Steven said "pretty close") We will try cheese steak next time.
9th St Italianというホギーサンドイッチを食べました。フィラデルフィアで食べたのと同じ味!(でもStevenは「かなり近い」という評価)次はチーズステーキを試したい。
1411 The AlamedaSan Jose, CA 95126
(408) 286-5626
Speaking of Philadelphia, I made beer bag for Dad in Philadelphia. When we visited him last month, he carried beer cans in one hand and grab the hand rail with the other hand to move them from his basement. I thought he could use this bag to carry things when he climbs the stairs from the basement. I bought a pillow case with cushy material and cut the end for handles, sewed here, folded there and....
Dad's beer bag is done!
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Digging out a Palm tree

We have a dead palm tree in our backyard and it is very ugly.

Steven is digging the root and is it time to come out? Let's see...

Push it harder! もっと力入れて!

Wow, he did it and it made a BIG noise! Now we have a clean look. Thank you, honey!
Now the question is how to get rid of this. Chop them up and put in the garbage box? Do they take it?さて、問題はこれをどう処分するか。小さく切ってゴミ箱に入れとけばゴミの日に持って行ってくれるかなあ。

Had dinner looking at the clean looking back yard. Nice breeze is coming in, too....The menu is...
-Pan fried halibut with mushrooms and scallions
-boiled corns
-tomato, cucumber &basil salad

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Door Wreath, base board, and raised flower boxes

We have a VERY productive three day weekend of Memorial Day.
I made a door wreath and go well with our entrance.

I also made two pillows for the bench at an entrance.

Repainted the window frames, added a base board...

What should we do with this small area by the house? These stones get hot and make the house hotter in summer...Steven said" I have an idea! Let's go to Home depot."

My convertible car works like a pick up truck, doesn't it? We went to Home depot three days in a raw. The place is our dating spot now. Anyway, Steven started making something...

Wow, it was a flower box! He made two flower box and put the stones in them. Oh my husband is so smart! :) Isn't he?
He worked his ass off in the hot day and exhausted but this is the last scoop of the stones. Almost done!

The beer after hard work is something, isn't it? (that I heard because I don't drink beer. Mine was a cherry coke on the left.)

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

We had 4th anniversary and went dinner at Cascal at Mountain View. The food there is always great. Especially appetizer sampler. We have been very happy and wish more great year to come! 結婚4周年を迎えました。マウンテンビューのカスカルで夕食。ここはいつもどのお料理もおいしいので気に入っています。特に前菜の盛り合わせは大好き。とても幸せな結婚生活を送っていることに感謝。これからもこんな楽しい日々が待っているといいなあ。

Now the rose garden where Steven proposed to me is very close from our house so we went there with obento boxes next day. The roses are so pretty and smell very sweet.

After we had lunch there, where did we go? Home depot! We are in the middle of some projects so no time to waste! :)
お昼が終わってどこに行ったでしょう?DIY用のお店、Home Depot. プロジェクト進行中なので長居する時間はないの!:)

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moroccan Chicken with Preserved lemon

The presereve lemon I made 2 weeks ago is ready to use so I made Moroccan Chicken using this recipe. As the recipe says, I discarded the meat of the lemon and used only peels. I tasted one and it was salty but had some deep taste. Mmmmm.

Rubbed a lot of spices (paprika, cumin, ginger, tumeric, cinnamon, and black pepper) on the chicken and matinated for one hour. The one we had in Morocco came with potatoes, Zuccini, and carrots so I added those veggies, too. スパイス)パプリカ、クミン、生姜、ターメリック、シナモン、黒胡椒)をチキンにすりこみ、1時間漬けておきました。モロッコでいただいたチキンにはポテト、ズッキーニ、人参がついてきたので、それも足しました。

Look at this! Looks like authentic Moroccan Chicken, doesn't it? Well, tasted, too :) The preserved lemon added very interesting texture and flavour to this dish and we really enjoyed it. 見て見て!本家本元のモロッコ料理みたいでしょ。いやあ、味もそうでしたよ。塩漬けレモンがめづらしい舌触りと風味をプラスしてくれてそりゃあ、もうおいしかったこと。
Served with Cous cous and some spice holder from Morocco.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Philadelphia Trip 3

The hamburgers Steven made yesterday were so tasty so Dad wants some more to keep in his freezer. Here is Burke & son hamburger factory. Dad and Steven are goofing around for pictures. Guys, don't play with food!

Dad also made Irish Soda bread. He forgot adding sugar but I thought the raisins made the bread sweet and tasty. お父さんはアイリッシュソーダブレッドも作ってくれました。お砂糖を入れ忘れたと言っていましたが、レーズンの甘さが十分なので私はおいしいと思ったけどなあ。

He has a huge yard and we enjoyed his nice lawn. 大きな庭があり、きれいな芝生をエンジョイしました。

I liked the area he chops fire woods. I paused for the picture and Steven said " Ah, honey, it is wrong tool!" Oh, I don't care...
We talked, laughed and ate pound cake a lot! It was a great long weekend.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Philadelphia Trip 2

We had family gathering BBQ party today. Mom, Frank, Steven's brother David, his wife, Ann and our nephew Michael came and had a fun time.
家族が集まってBBQパーティー。お母さん、Frank, Stevenのお兄さんのDavid, 奥さんのAnn, そして私達の甥のMichaelが来て楽しくすごしました.

Mom brought this cake for our and David and An's wedding anniversary. Our anniversary are close so we celebrated together. What a surprise! She is sooooo sweet! Thank you very much, Mom! お母さんがこのケーキを持ってきてくれました。私達とDavidとAnの結婚記念日が近いので一緒にお祝いというサプライズでした。とてもやさしいお母さん。ありがとう!

Click the picture to enlarge. Steven and Dad are trying to start fire.
お父さんとStevenが火をつけているところ。 お父さん:どうした、大丈夫か?

The fire is on and Steven is grilling the hamburger he made earlier. They were so tasty! Make some at home, honey!

We had a great time with family. Wish we lived closer to them so that we could do this more often. とても楽しい一日でした。私達がもう少し近くに住んでいればこういうことちょくちょくできるのにねえ。

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Philadelphia Trip 1

We went to Philadelphia to see Steven's family. Steven has told me about Dad's pound cake for years and now he is making it for us! Steven and I are just pretending helping him for the pictures.
Look at this! The surface is crispy and caramelized! We ate a lot of it during the stay and surprised Dad. It was so tasty and couldn't stop eating. He almost made another one for us to take home but we need to behave ourselves so said no thank you.
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cookies to our neighbors

I know people here don't do this but Japanese give away small gifts to neighbors to say hi when they move in. People in our neighborhood have been friendly to us so I decided to do Japanese way to say hi. I made green tea +walnuts cookies and chocolate+cranberries cookies.

Attached "Nice to meet you" cards and knocked their doors. It was Mother's day so half of them were not home but met some people. They liked us coming their home to introduce ourselves. Some people thought we were selling something first. Well, I don't blame them I would think same thing if I saw strangers standing at my door with a lot of cookie bags.

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Moving to our new home

We moved! Hired two guys and took a whole day to move but we did it! Steven is driving 17 feet moving truck and we thought this is enough but noooooooooooo. We needed second run to finish moving. We had more stuff than we thought we did.

This is before and after pictures of living/dinning area. The green ones are "before". Don't you think ours is much better? :)

The white Ikea furniture they had are all gone! Looks nice, isn't it?

The moving in a hot day needs a cold Korean noodle. We have good restaurant near us. Ohhh, it was so good we will sure come back soon. 暑い日の引越しには冷たい韓国麵。近くにとてもいい韓国レストランがあります。すごくおいしかったので又、近いうちに来ること間違いなし。
We love our house more and more every day. We keep finding something we like all the time!