Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Seoul, Korea 6

This is the famous sakura spot in Seoul, Yeouido. Sakura couldn't wait to bloom for the Sakura festival which will be held next week. It was full bloomed. BEAUTIFUL!! ここはソウルでも有名な桜の名所、ヨイド。来週にひかえる桜まつりを待てず満開。きれいでした!

On the way back home, we stopped at Narita for transit and we found a massacre scene! No, they are just taking nap.
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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Seoul, Korea 5

On the day Mom and Ryoko went back to Japan, we went to Toksugung palace for the last minute sight seeing. ママと涼子が日本へ帰る前に最後の観光、徳寿宮へ。
見事な桜。Beautiful sakura.
Ryoko is pretending ring the bell. This goofy girl has a goofy sister. 涼子は鐘を鳴らしているふり。いやはや…。この妹にしてこの姉あり。

We had a lot of fun and wished they could stay longer...
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Monday, April 07, 2008

Seoul, Korea 4

Mom, Ryoko and me went out for shopping. First we went to a small local restaurant for breakfast. I loved the egg dish on the right. It was like a savory egg souffle and it was light and fluffy. The red dish on the right was too spicy for me. Mom and Ryoko liked it though. ママ、涼子と私でショッピングしに街へ繰り出す。最初は朝ごはん。とても小さい地元の食堂を発見。右側の卵料理がとてもおいしかった。スフレのような茶碗蒸しのような軽いふわふわした食感でGood. 左側の赤いのはちょっと辛すぎ。ママと涼子にはおいしかったみたいだけど。

Ryoko :"This ramen is soooooo good. You need to try it."

Market has a lot of interesting stuff. These are famous dried fish.

We bought a lot of stuff and these two got high points. 1. Meat dumpling bigger than her face. 2. The vivid red coat for Mom. いろいろ買ったものの内、二つを紹介。1.顔より大きい肉まん。2.ママの真っ赤なコート。

The red coat stands out at the hotel lobby, too :)
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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Seoul, Korea 3

Mom and my sister, Ryoko joined us in Seoul!! Steven, Ryoko, Maruyama san (Steven'ts co-worker), and Mom at the hotel lobby. We went to...

ママと妹の涼子がソウルに来てくれました!左からSteven, 涼子、丸山さん(Stevenと同じ会社の方)そしてママ。ホテルのロビーで。向かった先は…

world heritage, Changdeokgung. Mom, Ryoko, Maruyama san, Sascha, Steven and me make 4.5 Japanese and 1 American and 0.5 German(Sascha Goto is Japanese/German) so we took a guided Japanese tour :)

We had a great time in this tour. Beautiful buildings and gardens. Very colorful, too.

Yes, it was Sakura season in Seoul, too!

Lunch time!! お昼ごはん!

Mom and Steven waiting for Ryoko and me to finish shopping....
Went to a Samgetang restaurant for dinner. Samgetang is a whole chicken stew with Korean herb and Jinseng. So tasty!! Had Chijimi which is green onion pancake. Yummy!夕食はサムゲタン専門店へ。鶏が丸ごと朝鮮人参やハーブで煮込んであってとってもおいしい!ねぎ焼きのようなチジミと一緒にいただきました。

Friday, April 04, 2008

Seoul, Korea 2

Visited National Museum of Korea. Wow, this is the most organaized museum in the world!!! I have a hard time to keep tracking the route in the museum. (Well, not only in the museum...anywhere really.) I have no sense of directions and I usually go to museums by myself while Steven is working so I get lost all the time. I was very comfortable walking in this museum because all the areas has numbers and the route you need to take is always cleary shown so I just need to follow. Their collections are great of course.

Also went to Leeum Samsung Museum of Art.
Leeum サムソン美術館にも行きました。

Not only their collections but their buildings are very impressive.

A big bouqet was waiting for me in the hotel room!!

Steven rembered the day we met for the first time and sent this to me. So sweet!!!! It was a surprise, too!!
Stevenが初めて会った日を覚えていてくれてお花を贈ってくれたの。超やさしい! それもサプライズ。

We had octopus spicy fried rice for dinner. スパイシーたこ焼き飯がディナー。Me, Steven and Sascha. Sascha doesn't like Kimchi so he is having a hard time here.

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