Saturday, April 13, 2013

Master Gardeners Show

We woke up early on the Sat morning and went to Master Gardeners show to get our tomatoes.
Note to myself: We don't have to go that early because we don't want to listen to Tomato crazy stories in the waiting line for an hour. Opening time is good time to go.
土曜日なのに早起きして、Master Gardenersという植木市に行ってきました。

We got five different types of big tomatoes and two kinds of small ones! I was so excited when I found Japanese Red Basil. I am holding it in the picture above. We also got two different kinds of peppers and sme herbs.
I know these tomato cages look ridiculously big but wait till June, this place is going to be a Tomato forest. Oh, don't laugh.

After we planted them, we had this salmon snack and some white wine with dreaming our tomatoes....Mmmmm
By the way, doesn't this smoked salmon look good? I bough the block of smoked salmon from the French chef from my French Cooking class.
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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Wisteria and Steven's cooking

Our Wisteria is doing GREAT this year. We started this in 2010 so took three years to get this view. This is how we started.

The gate and fense Steven made is still standing strong :)

Just beautiful...
 The leaves/vines grow incredibly fast and Steven is pruning them almost everyday.
By the way, the gate with a moon window is also Steven's work. Cool, huh?
I brought some into the room, too.

Not only gates, my husband makes good dinner, too.
Chicken Vindaloo! It was very tasty.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday Night out

 Went out for dinner at Gordon Biersch in San Jose downtown. It was 15 minutes wait so we took some pictures in the court yard. Steven is wearing a new jacket he got recently.
週末ディナーはSan JoseダウンタウンのGordon Biersch へお出かけ。15分の待ち時間だったので中庭的なところで写真をとって遊ぶ。Stevenは最近買った新しいジャケットを着ています。

Steven had a wheat beer and I had Basil cucumber Collins. Sounds weird but it was delicious. You cannot skip garlic fries here. Taste much better than the ones they sell at ball park of course.
Stevenはwheatビール私は Basil cucumber Collinsをいただきました。バジルときゅうりなんて変だと思われそうですがおいしいの。そしてこのお店の名物ガーリックフライズ(フレンチポテトにガーリックがどっさり乗っかっている)ははずせません。このお店はスタジアムなんかでも出しているけどその時食べるのよりおいしい。当たり前かな。

Today is happend to be the first day we met in 9 years ago.
Me"did you plan this?"
Where are my flowers then? :) :)


Happy first date anniversary and 10th year has started! Wow, double digits.
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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

What did we have for dinner lately?

So they are what we ate lately.

Day 1:Steven cooked this. Well, the salmon cake was ready to fry but still he fried very good. Spinach&mushroom saute was well cooked. Juuust right texture.

Day 2:Marsara wine+scarops and sesame seed crusted seared Ahi. Still sashimi inside. Mmmmm...

Day 3:Eel rice bowl. I cooked rice in this bowl so we got crunchy rice at the bottom.

Day 4:The hakusai (Napa) cabbage was very tender and tasted good with juice from chicken.

When I cook, I don't have to do dishes. :)