Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Used to be five eggs in the nest in the pictures. Only two made Easter morning.
I wanted to make an egg dish for brunch on Easter day so made spinach&mushroom quiche. What do you eat with quiche usually? You don't eat bread because quiche has some crust...I made a fennel salad and a fruit salad.

The gruyere cheese on quiche was bubbling and tasted sooooo good.

The day before Easter, a baby came to our next door neighbor. Oh, she is so adorable. Every body on the street came out to welcome her. I can baby sit her any time.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pound cake for Dad

Dad now lives in an assist living so he cannot bake pound cake any more. He used to bake this a lot and this brught a lot of memories (sweet and bitter like their dog ate the whole cake.) into Steven's family. I ate once and it was great so I got his recipe. The pic below is when I had it.
Steven is going to Philadelphia to see Dad so I decided to bake a Pound cake with HIS recipe.
I thought it was a good idea to bring it to him so both he and Steven can enjoy it.
Steven がお義父さんに会いにPhiladelphiaに行くのでお義父さんのレシピでパウンドケーキを焼くことに。お義父さんもStevenも楽しめるのだからいい考えではないですか?

I wrapped with blue paper and packed in a hard box so that Steven won't crash or EAT accidently. :)

Steven called me and said "Dad said it was A plus!" Good job, me.
電話でStevenが言った。「Aプラスだってよ!」 でかした、私。:)
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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Girl's Day-Hina matsuri

March 3rd is Girl's Day-Hina matsuri. My hina dolls have been out on the mantel already. I noticed my princess doll has her mouth opened. Looks like she is singing. ♪


It was cloudy but warm and the sunshine coming from the clouds sometimes was nice. Spring has come. My Christmas roses(Hellebore) are about blooming. I cannot wait to see them because they are my favorite flowers.

Plum flowers are also bloomed.

Peach flowers are cute, too.

Star Magnolias in the frony yard are gorgeous!

Our peach & plum are getting along on the same tree. We are hoping more fruits this year.

Steven in the new jeans. He lost about 20 lb by running almpost everyday on treadmill and he needed smaller size!! Good job, honey. You look goooood. :)
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