Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hong Kong 1: Town

Gypsy couple Steven & Mikako is now in Hong Kong. We had lychee for breakfast. Mmmm, we are in tropical area, aren't we? 旅がらすカップルのSteven&Mikakoは現在、香港におります。朝ごはんにライチをいただくなんて、本当にトロピカルな所にきているのね。

The hotel room is facing Victoria peak so we can see a lot of green from the window.

After Steven left for his office, my explore in the town has started. Old buildings and new buildings are spread in the town so you can enjoy totally different atmosphere. Double decker bus/tram look very interesting. I want to take them sometime soon but now. I would walk because I have no idea the system.

I was in SOHO Area and this is Pottinger Street where you see a lot of small stores.

As usual I enjoyed looking daily market.

SOHO Area has fashionable restaurants and shops and it is very crowded in lunch time.

Hanging roasted chicken & pork is very Chinese looking. The bakery goods looked great, too.

My lunch was pork & pitan egg congee. Wow this was very tasty. The rice was flavored very well and not so oily. I may come back here again.
私のランチはピータンと豚のお粥。 味がお米にしみてて、しかも油っこくなくおいしかったあ。又、来るかも。
G/F, 15B Wellington Street,
Central, Hong Kong