Sunday, May 22, 2011

6th Anniversary

Today we had the 6th wedding anniversary and went to Alexander's stake house in Cupertino. The pic below is us waiting at the entrance. Look at the huge meat! You would ask "steak house for anniversary dinner? Isn't there any more romantic ones?" Wait to see inside of this restaurant and food.

We told them this is our anniversary before hand so everybody said, "Happy Anniversary!" and they gave us two glasses of Champagne! Nice!

The chef here is half Japanese and half American guy and so the menu had a lot of Japanese ingredients/style dishes. This is seaweed salad as a starter.

I had tomato bisque with blue cheese. I was hoping the blue cheese was not over powering the soup and it didn't!! Just hint of blue cheese balanced very well with the tomato soup. Oh, it was goooood.

Steven's white asparagus salad was very delicate and went well with Parmesan crisp.

Hamachi shooters were big hit in the appetizers. It was a little bit too spicy for me but the hamachi is VERY fresh and the shoyu based sauce was incredible!

Yuzu Sherbet for refreshing. Mmmmm. Yummy!

Now our main dish, Porter house steak! It was huge but tasted amazing. The roasted garlic was marinated in balsamic vinegar so had some sweetness too.

Close up! Are you getting hungry yet?

They served orange juice flavor cotton candy. Well this is just fun to see. We got a cute dessert with a candle with `Happy Anniversary` written with chocolate. They are so sweet! Our camera ran out of the battery so no pic.

It has been amazing 6 years and I didn't think I can be happy like this. Thank you so much, Steven! I love you!!!