Friday, August 27, 2010

What to do on a terribly hot day

This summer had been so cool and nice till a few days ago. Now we are having 100 degree weather for a few days. I thought I could use this strong sun for something.....drying veggies!

The eggplants and mushrooms were dried in a day and made a pasta dish with them. Ohhh, it was delicious! The flavor got concentrated in the veggies and gave rich flavor. I would do this again! I don't hate hot days any more. :)

This is Japanese dinner in differen day. The left top is tuna poke...the pic doesn't look appetite but it was good. The tofu with cucumber sauce looks pretty, doesn't it?こちらは別の日の和食の日。右上はマグロのヅケなのだけど色がイマイチですね。でもおいしかったのよ。お豆腐はおろしきゅうりで作ったソースをかけて。きれいでしょ。

I also made Chocolate pound cake in a not so hot day. It was little bit too sweet but good with rasberries. そう暑くない日にはチョコレートパウンドケーキも作りました。ちょっと甘すぎたけど、ラズベリーと食べるとおいしい。

Monday, August 23, 2010

My New Closet

My closet had white wired racks & no lights. Steven has put a temporary light on the closet door a several months ago so I had SOME lights. But Steven wanted to get me better lights. (Oh, he is so sweet!)

Started with lights, we decided to do closet makeover!! First, Steven climbed up in the attic and made two holes on the ceiling of my closet for the lights. It was dusty and dirty job and he did it! Now my closet is bright with two nice recessed lights. Then he lined the walls with cedar and it smelled wonderful. I used to have cedar mothballs in my drawers and loved the smell of them and now I have all closet walls (and ceiling) lined with cedar. Ohhhhhh...

Steven got "another" saw, a table saw to cut the cedar planks length wise. I think he is planning to open a saw museum because we have a lot of saws. I know, honey. Right tools for right jobs, right? Stevenはテーブルソーという電動のこぎりが作業台にくっついたような道具を「また」買いました。板を縦に切るためのものだって。うちにはたくさんの種類のノコギリが集まっていて...ノコギリ博物館でもするんだろうか。

Finally, he installed the furniture and my dream closet is done!!! Wow, I cannot believe that my closet has changed so dramatically. Thank you, Steven for the great closet. I feel like I am Carrie Bradshaw :) そして、最後に棚や引き出しを入れて理想のクロゼットのできあがり!すごい。こんなに変わるとは思わなかった。Steven、素晴らしいクロゼットをありがとう。何だかSex and the Cityのキャリーになった気分だわ。うふふ。

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wisteria Pergola extension

Steven has started something again...Stevenがまたまた何か始めました。

He is going to extend the pergola and grow Wisteria on it so we can see our Wisteria from outside, too. 裏口の藤棚を外に伸ばして外からも藤が見えるようにするんですって。

I stained the lumbers but he did everything else. He pulled one of the wisteria vine on top and it is looks like this extension has been there for sometime. 私は木材をステインしただけで後は全てSteven氏の作品。成長した藤の枝を引っ張って上に乗せると新作の棚も前からあったように見えます。

We cannot wait for the Wisteria covers all over this.
We got a lot of peaches from Farmer's market so made a peach tart. I used almond meal for filing for the first time and I liked it! I put some fresh blueberries after I pulled it from the oven. Nice color combination. Cannot see well? Then..

Here is the close up!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Patio is done!!

We have made a small counter with tiles and it looks VERY GOOD.

We needed to cut some tiles to fit the limited space but I didn't want to rent tile cutter with $45 for 5 small tiles. We tried saw, nipper, and other tools but didn't work so gave up and decided to rent the mega tool. Yeah, worked like a charm.

Doesn't it look nice? The colorful Mexican tiles brought joyful feelings to the patio.

We bought chairs but couldn't find the table yet. Now, it is PARTY TIME!!

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Yard sale and Frenchy bags

Found an antique table foot at a yard sale. We could put a wooden top and make it for a patio table. $5!!

This antique mirror is very pretty and it was only $15 so I couldn't walk away without this.

Mom sent us a lot of noodle kits. This is plum flavor noodle with mushrooms. Yummy! Thank you, Mom!! ママが色々な麵を送ってくれました。これはキノコ入り梅そうめん。おいしい!まま、ありがとー。

I made two kinds of Frenchy bags. Both of them are gifts. Pink one is for Grace who is living next door and gave her for her 4th birthday. 2種類のFrenchy Bagを作りました。両方ともプレゼント。ピンクのはお隣のGraceの4歳の誕生日にあげました。

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