Saturday, February 12, 2011

Red Wine Braised Buffalo Roast

Looks like I make this dish only once a year and it is always in January or February. Well, I don't want to turn the oven on for 3 hours in Summer for sure so it has to be the coldest month. I started making this after we came back from our Paris trip in 2008. We loved the dish we had there and I wanted to have it at home. Here are my old posts for this dish. 2008 2009 2010 This is the forth time I made it...It means it has been 3 years since we left Paris. It is time to go back to Paris!!!! :):) You know what? Yesterday, I broke the mug cup (it was just a touristy cup from Starbucks in Paris though) from Paris and Steven said, "Oh, well. We need to go back to Paris to get a new one, don't we?" Let's go!!!
どうやらこのお料理、一年に一度しかもいつも1月か2月に作っているみたいです。まあ、3時間もオーブンを使うので夏には絶対したくないから一年で一番寒い月に作っているのね。これを作り始めたのは2008年に行ったパリ旅行から帰ってきてから。旅先でいただいたこのお料理がとても気に入り家でも作ってみたかったの。こちらが、その歴史。2008 2009 2010 今回が4回目ということはパリから帰ってきて3年が経つのかあ。そろそろパリに戻る時期だなあ。そういえば昨日、買ったマグカップ(パリのスターバックスで買ったおみやげ感いっぱいのアレですけど。)を落として割った時、Stevenが「まあ、これでパリに新しいやつ買いに行かなきゃいけなくなったねえ。」なんて言ってたし。レッツゴー!

OK. go back to this dish. This time I used Buffalo rump roast we got from our favorite butcher in Farmer's market in Campbell. It usually takes 3 days to make it but I used this recipe which takes 2 days this time. The buffalo has been marinated in wine and veggie in 24 hours.
話をお料理に戻すと、今回はCampbellのFarmer's Marketに出る私達のお気に入りお肉屋さんから買ったバッファローのランプローストで作ってみました。伝統的な方法だと3日かかるけど、今回は2日でできるこのレシピで。

1.See, the meat is wine color now. 2. pull the meat out 3. Brown the meat. 4. Put the marinade and veggie back and cook on the stove.

5.Cook in the oven for 3 hours. 6. Looking good at 2 hours stage 7. Done but look how messy my pot got. Don't worry Steven is going to clean perfectly. 8. Strain and reduce the sauce
5.オーブンで3時間 6.2時間目。いい感じ。7.できあがり。お鍋がすごいことになってますが、大丈夫。Stevenがきれーいに洗ってくれるでしょう。8.ソースを漉して、煮詰めます。

To respect this dish, I made shrimp&edamame appetizer and dessert;chocolate mousse with heart shaped chocolate. Yes, Valentine's Day is the day after tomorrow!! The meat was incredible. Steven loves dish very much and every time I make this dish, he keeps telling me, "It was so good. Thank you, honey!" for a few days so it is worth making this for me. Hee hee hee....The dirty pot was washed and polished by Steven so it looks like new now. :)

I finally used a part of the trees which got knocked out the other day. The red vase didn't quit fit in our orange wall so I wrapped with a cloth.

Now for Valentine's day, I hung these heart shaped papers with sweet messages. I have done this while Steven was laying blocks outside.

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