Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring is coming

We found little flowers and buds in our garden!! The pink one is Star Magnolia we planted in the front yard. They were white flowers we planted last year but it is pink now...It may become white when it blooms...The little flower is peach and we are going to have peach fruits!!!...someday.
We went to Yamagami Nursery in Cupertino and got some plants. I planted cyclamen and violet together. Aren't they cute?

We transferred rose plant from front yard to back because Steven has some plans for our front yard. I put our gnome next to it wishing he is going to take a good care of the rose. We also planted some pink flowers and a tangerine tree!!!! I have been dreaming growing them in the yard. Steven said, "OK. This is going to be our last one. No more fruit trees." He thinks our yard is too small to have more than three...I wanted fig tree and cherry tree, too but I guess I won't get them...

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