Saturday, February 26, 2011

Seoul Trip 4

I took a subway to Dongdaemun Market where is a few station away from the hotel. This market is bigger than Nandemaon I went yesterday and has more daily stuff. 地下鉄に乗って東大門市場へ。ホテルからは3~4駅の近い場所。昨日行った南大門より大きいかな。日常品、食品が多いような気がする。
I really liked the egg dish I had with Mom and my sis, Ryoko 3 years ago so wanted to have it again. Though I don't remember which restaurant. I thought they all make the same pretty much because it looks like basic dish. WRONG! The one I had here was not so good. The texture of the egg was too hard like over cooked. Oh well... 3年前にソウルに来た時、ママと妹の涼子と食べた茶碗蒸しのような卵料理がとてもおいしかったので、又、食べたかったのだけどそのお店を覚えてない。韓国ではきっと基本の料理だろうから、どこでもおいしいかな、と思い、あるお店でトライ。うーん、そうではなかった。ここのは卵が固すぎておいしくなかった。焼きすぎって感じ。残念でした。

When I see this from outside, I thought it was Japanese sweets, Taiyaki. They are usually fish shape and have sweet bean paste inside. I don't like those kind sweets but I saw different kind stuffing. I picked Purukogi (Korean :stir fried marinated meat) and found out this was a kind of sandwich! They use white sandwich bread instead of flour dough. They put a piece of bread on the iron molding, add cooked purukogi meat, put another piece of bread on it and squished with another iron molding and cooked for a few minutes. I liked it! Much better than Japanese Taiyaki. このかわいいお店を外から見たとき、たい焼きのお店だと思い、あんこが苦手な私は通り過ぎようとしたのですが、あら、中身を選べるみたい。何とプルコギがあるじゃないか。さすが韓国。それ、いただきましょう。よく見るとたい焼きの皮の部分をサンドイッチのパンで作っている。パンの間にプルコギを置いてぎゅーっと形をつけて数分焼くと鯛の形のパニーニサンドイッチ。おいしかった。私はたい焼きよりこちらの方が好きです。

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