Friday, January 25, 2008

We are back to US and I am cooking! :)

Since we had a lot of great food in Paris, I wanted to cook some of them at home ("imitate" at least ). This is called, Civet de boeuf, French style beef stew. I wanted to make Civet de Sanglier which is wild boar stew but I couldn't the meat so used beef this time.

USに戻ってきました。そしてお料理してます!パリでたくさんおいしいものに出会ったので真似して作ってみたい。それでまずはCivet de boeuf、フランス風ビーフシチュー。本当はCivet de Sanglier(イノシシのシチュー)を作りたかっのだけど、イノシシ肉が手に入らずビーフシチューになりました。

Day 1: You put onion, beef, garlic, mushrooms, carrots, cerely, thym, bay leaves, whole black peppers, juniper berries in the pot and pour a whole bottle of red wine and a half cup of red wine vinegar. Put a lid and place in the fridge.

Day 2:Stir the contents in the pot and put it back to the fridge.

Day 3:After 48 hours of marinating in the fridge, take out meat and vegies on the separate dishes. Keep the wine marinaing liquid. Brown the meat and vegies in the saute pan saparately and set aside. Boil the marinating liquid and pour some beef broth. Meat and Vegies go into the pot and cook for 1.5 hours. Getting hungry?Sorry it is not ready yet. Stop the heat and set aside to bring to room temparature and place in the fridge!!

Day 4:Take out the pot from the fridge and you see the fat risen up on the surface so get rid of them with a small spoon.(the yellow part is fat in the picture)

After the skimming, put the lid back and cook in the oven (350 degree) for another 1 hour AND....
Voila! Incredibly tasty beef stew, Civet de beouf!!
ジャーン!信じられないおいしさのビーフシチュー、Civet de beoufのできあがり。

The bowl in the picture above is from the market called Monoprix in Paris. When I saw this red coral design, I liked it at the first sight so I got matching dishes, too. Our 3 week home in Paris was in Montparnasse and we loved the town. Not too busy but there are a lot of restaurants, park, shops and everythiing! They even have a shopping mall, Gallery LaFayette so I didn't have to go far for shopping. Especially they have old cafes where the artists got together and talk about their passion to art. It was the birth place of the art!! :) Next time we come back to Paris, we will stay in Montparnasse maybe in a cute aurberge.
写真中のボウルはMonoprixというパリのお店で買ったもの。このさんごのデザインを見たとき一目で気に入ったのでおそろいのお皿まで買ってきました。パリでの3週間の住まいはモンパルナスでしたが、私達はこの町がとてもお気に入り。たくさんのレストランやショップ、公園、何でもあるのだけどそんなに混んでないし、有名なショッピングモール、Gallery LaFayette まであるので歩いて買い物にいけるという便利さ。でもこの町の魅力は何と言っても歴史深いカフェ。若きピカソやコクトーなどのアーティストが集い、アートへの情熱を語る!アートの誕生の土地ですね。次回にパリに来たときもモンパルナスに来たい。可愛らしいオーベルジュ何ていいですね。
I also made Cassoulet de poulet (chicken+bean stew), I put some baked grapes in the stew and brown the top in the oven for 15 minutes. Hmmmm, tre bien!
又、別の日にCassoulet de poulet(チキンと豆のシチュー)も作りました。オーブンで焼いたぶどうをシチューに入れて最後の15分はふたを開けてオーブン内で焦げ色をつけます。オー、トレヴィアン!!