Saturday, February 05, 2011

Superbowl XLV

On the super bowl Sunday, I was focused on making snack than the game. We were rooting for Green bay and they are doing pretty good and they had enough scores to make me relax at first half so I went to my kitchen.
アメフトの頂点を決めるスーパーボウルサンデー、私は試合より観戦用のスナックに力を入れています。Green Bayの方を応援することにしたのだけど、調子よくって前半は余裕たっぷり。それで私はキッチンへ。

Photo from NFL site.

I made baked chicken wings with blue cheese dip and served with veggie. It was first time to use this recipe. It had been marinated in beer+Cinnamon for 24 hours and roasted with yogurt based basting sauce. The Cinnamon flavor from the marinade was a good kick.

Pittsburgh team came to close toward the end but Green bay didn't let them go through. Yeah, Green bay won! I really don't have feeling for this team but I picked them to make the game interesting somehow. Nice to pick the winning team. :)
相手側のPittsburgチームは後半でずいぶん追い上げてきましたが、Green Bayは追従を許さず勝ちました。…といってもこのチームに特別な思い入れがある訳ではなくおもしろく観るためにただ選んだだけなのでした。でも選んだチームが勝ったのはそれなりにうれしい。

Before the game, somebody was working in the yard again!!! We will see what he is doing now.

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