Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lentil soup with Smoked pork and broken branch

We have two big trees in front of the house and we hate that some big trucks hit the branches. Today, we found a big branch about 6 feet was broken and was in the middle of the street. :( If they are more careful, they could slow down or not touch the tree. Poor branch!

Fire engine like this size can go though easily but big freight trucks are troublesome. Be careful drivers!

Well, I cut some nice looking small branches for my tree art project which I don't know yet and Steven cut rest of them for our firewood. Not bad!

Whenever I get a chance to go to Los Altos area, I stop by our favorite butcher, Dittmers. This time I also got smoked pork hocks. Look how big this is. It got a huge bone so the meat is not this big though. It was less than $5! I decided to make lentil soup with this pork hock.
Los Altos方面に行く用事がある時、必ずよるのがお気に入りのお肉屋さん、Dittmers。今回は燻製のポークホック。(日本語では豚足だと思う。)大きな骨付きとはいえ、この大きさ!それがたったの$5以下でした。レンズ豆と他の野菜も入れてスープを作ることにしました。

Took 3 hours but easy to make. The meat got very soft and melts in the mouth! The texture of lentil went well with the soft meat. Mmmmm...winter comfort dish. Steven said "Ohhhh, I love this!" Good thing as we are going to keep eating this for at least 3 days because I made a lot.

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