Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Dinner

Went to La Pastia where we loved their pasta the other day. See, balsamic vinegar in the oil is even heart shape! 先日行ってパスタ料理がとても気にいったこのお店、La Pastiaへ行ってきました。ほらあ、オリーブオイルの中のバルサミコ酢までもハートよ!

My carpaccio covered the mountain of Arugula+shiitake salad. I had never seen Carpaccio served like this. Very creative. Pansotti (I still don't know the difference between Pansotti and Ravioli) was very delicious. The swetness of stuffing (pumpkin or squash) and saltiness of Stilton(type of blue cheese) sauce was great match. I tasted Steven's dishes and loved the ravioli in brown butter sauce. They make good pasta!!

ravioli with brown butter and sage
carpaccio with arugula, Shitake mushrooms, and Parmigiano-Reggiano

braised lamb ossobuco white beans and baby carrots soft polenta gremolata
roasted Winter vegetable and ricotta stuffed pansotti Stilton cream sauce

chocolate rava cake with rasberry solbet on custart cream
vanila Ice cream on Pavlova with caramel sauce

Everything was great including pairing wine but downside of Valentine's day dinner is that we cannot order a la carte. We are so full at the end of the dinner. ペアリングされたワインを含め全ておいしかったけど、バレンタインデーのディナーってどこのお店もコースメニューしかないから、お腹いっぱい。食べ過ぎました。

La Pastia
233 West Santa Clara Street
San Jose, CA 95113-1710
(408) 286-2626