Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Seoul Trip 1

I went to a local restaurant in Myeongdong. I had never had bibimbap with fish roe but I loved the crispy texture and the lightness. I stopped at Holly's Coffee and had Yuzu freeze. Goooood!!
ミャンドンのジモッティが行きそうなレストランへ行き、トビコ入りのビビンバを食べました。プチプチ感がおいしい軽い感じがよかった。その後、Holly's Coffeeでコーヒーでなく柚子のスムージーにトライ。おいしい!

We stayed at The plaza we stayed before but we were surprised by their renewed interior. They were nice classic hotel but now they are pop and funny. There are big mirrors on the both sides of the wall and HUGE desk lamps on two corners.
前回と同じThe Plazaに泊まったのですが、リモデルされた内装に驚きました。前は落ち着いたホテルだったのに、何だかポップで変わった感じ。両方の壁に大きな鏡があったり、巨大卓上ライトの形をしたフロアランプが部屋の2つのコーナーにあるんです。

So I can play with infinity images with the funny mirror.

See, the light is much bigger than me. I am playing "honey, I shrunk the kids."
ほら、卓上ランプの形なのに私よりずっと大きい。古い映画の"honey, I shrunk the kids."

Weird changes at this hotel. We didn't like them :(

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