Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seoul Trip 2

Since we are in Korea, we had to have Korean BBQ!! We went to the one in Myongdong with Steven's coworkers. Look at the vent tube right on the pot. It sucks all the smoke so your hair and clothes don't get BBQ smell....not quite so but it sucked most of the smoke and smell. The food there was very good. I liked the seafood pancake, Chijimi.

I had hair cut in Seoul!! The curl of course disappeared next day but I still like the cut. He did a good job! 初めてソウルで髪を切ってもらいました!直後は巻いてもらったので、フワフワしてますが、次の日にはもちろんストレートは逆戻り。でもカットはよかった。

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