Friday, January 01, 2010

Osechi; New Year's Brunch

Since we have Japamerican culture, we have events/festivals in both in US and Japan. (Sometimes some other country's, too because I like festivals.) After American Year-end event, now is the time for Japanese biggest event, Oshogatsu; New Year's day.
The door wrath was hung on 30th so it has been ready!

This year I put only Onishime ;braised vegies&chicken in Ojuubako; lacquer box. I arranged other food on a banana leaf laid on lacquer board.

Clsosed up. Don't they look nice :) I made all except fish cake (pink one) and kazunoko(fish roe).

Ozouni soup. It has shrimp dumpling, carrot cut like a plum flower, lotus root, Mizuna green, bamboo shoot, Daikon and Mochi (rice cake) in broth. お雑煮は海老しんじょうを初挑戦。椎茸を入れ忘れて写真を撮りました。

Ingredients were carefully prepared. The daikon was cut like a mum in the left down. The red one is chilli pepper flake. As you can see, we use red and white a lot because it is a combination of lucky colors. たまにしかしない飾り切りなので写真を撮って残します。菊花だいこんもいい感じじゃない。

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