Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Miso marinated Cod

The cod I marinated in Miso+sake+sugar 3 days ago is ready to eat. It was pretty good but the fish was already skinned when we bought it and I lOVE crispy fish skin so it was a bummer.
Other dishes were...他は…
Daikon+crab Mayo dressing 大根とカニのマヨネーズ和え
Brown rice 玄米
Daikon+fried bean curd miso soup 大根と揚げのお味噌汁
farmented beans 納豆
very Japanese dinner...とても和食な夜でした。
Oh, I also did very Japanese thing the other day. My friend in Japan told me Jan 15 was the day to eat rice+azuki beans porridge to wish your health in this year. I usually don't like azuki beans because they are very sweet in Omanju (rice cake dumpling with bean paste) or Ozensai (bean paste soup) but it was very good in the porridge.
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