Sunday, January 03, 2010

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Since we moved to our new place in May last year, we have been talking about this Egyptian museum where 1 mile from our place and today we are going! It is not a big museum but it was organized very well and we saw a lot of ancient pieces.

Oh, the statue I am with in the picture is Hippo god...well that is what WE called. I don't know who he is exactly but I say "hi" every time I run since this museum is on my running route and he is placed in front of museum. 私と写っている像はヒッポの神様…なんて、それは私達が勝手に呼んでるだけです。本当は何者かわからないけれど、ランニングの時にはいつもあいさつしてます。この場所は私のランニングコースの途中にあって、ヒッポの神様は建物の前に立っているからいつも見えるの。

Of course they have REAL MUMMIES, too!!! Well, the monkey one (left top) is not a monkey they wrapped a vase and put something for the head and made it looks like monkey. Rest in piece, mummies! Don't get up like the movie.

もちろん本物のミイラもいますよぉ!! 左上のお猿のミイラは本物のお猿でなく、壷に球状のものを乗せて、ミイラみたいに布を巻いたものだそうです。ミイラくん達、安らかにお眠り下さいね。あの映画みたいに生き返らないでね。

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