Monday, January 11, 2010

Thomas Keller's Roast Chicken with Root Vegetables

A guy from this site said that this chicken is better than our favorite Zuni's chicken so we needed to try the recipe,Thomas Keller's Roast Chicken with Root Vegetables. We got a whole chicken and veggies in the recipe from Framer's market yesterday so here we go! The skin got very crispy looks like it was deep fried and ohhhh look at this root veggies!
このサイトの人がこのThomas Kellerのチキンと根菜のローストはZuni(私達のお気に入りレストラン)のよりおいしいというので試さないわけにはいかない。昨日、ファーマーズマーケットで丸ごとチキンと根菜を買ってきているので用意はできています。オーブンから出した時も、から揚げのように皮がパリパリしていていい感じ。根菜の方もおいしそう!

The chicken was very delicious and the vegetables were out of this world! The flavor was concentrated in the veggies by roasting. I ate too much but I think I deserved this because I ran this morning. It was misty morning and I felt good the cold air. When I passed a school, I saw a lot of cute kids going into the school gate and it reminded me of my school days. I thought about my old friends while I was running. Misty morning made me sentimental.

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