Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hair cut and Sushi in San Francisco

We went to San Francisco today. Main reason was the dinner with friends at Sebo, Sushi restaurant. Their fishes are all imported from Japan so it is a little expensive than other sushi place in SF but they are so tasty and fresh so we do this once in a while. Four of us ordered first chirashi sushi and had a la carte.

Oh, we had a lot of Uni (sea urchin), and Aji (Mackerel) and Miru gai were my favorites tonight.

Another favorite was Sake Steven ordred. It's called Tsukino Katsuta Heiankyo and it got a great description on the menu and it was delicious. Well, I had only one sip though. Next time we go to Japan, we will get this for sure. もうひとつのお気に入りはStevenが頼んだ月の桂 平安京というお酒。メニューにやたらほめて書いてあったのだけど、味も深みがあってよかった。…とかいって私はほんの一口もらっただけだけど。日本に帰った時、買って帰ろうっと。

Since we went to the City, we wanted to do other things, too. Had lunch at French Bistro, shopping, and hair cut! Here is my picture "before" and "after". Look nice, don't I? It is hard to find a good hair stylist but I finally found one! My friend introduced this Korean to me. I think Asian women know how to cut Asian women's hair. Well, Steven also had a good hair cut together and he is not an Asian woman so I guess she is simply a great hair stylist! I am very happy with this hair cut! せっかくSFまで行ったのだから、他のこともしたい。それでフレンチビストロでお昼ご飯を食べて、ショッピング、そして髪も切ってきました。下は私のBefore&Afterです。いい感じでしょ?気に入ったヘアスタイリストを探すのは大変だけれど、ついに見つけたかも!この韓国人女性のヘアスタイリストはお友達から紹介してもらったのですが、やはりアジア人女性はアジア人女性の髪の切り方がわかってるのね。でもStevenも一緒に切ってもらったら、わりとナイスな感じになったので、彼女は単に腕がいいだけなのかも。Stevenはアジア人女性じゃないもの。この髪気に入ってます。

Lotte Beauty Salon
1860 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 931-4523