Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Steven's built-in workstation 2

Doors for workstation is unique. They are framed and a thin boards are attached from inside. It gives three dimensional look and more decorative than flat doors. The keyboard tray is pull-out. He stained well, too.

Steven : "Look at my masterpiece!!" Yes, honey, it is a beauty.

He also crawled under the house and pulled electric cables out (I have no idea how) and see, now the workstation has electricity!! Amazing!!

The last touch was adding decorative handles. Yeah!The workstation is finished. I am so impressed by what he did. He started from designing and done in 10 days. Dad, the DIY master must be proud of his son when he sees this.

What did I do? You ask. I made dinner! 私は何をしていたかって?ご飯作ってました。

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