Thursday, August 04, 2011

Frenchy container and stencil

In the nice afternoon today, I did stencil on...
今日はね、 楽しいランチの後、ステンシルをしました。どこにしたでしょう。

this cute Frenchy box I made with garbage wood in the garage. These boards were once used when Steven made flower boxes but he doesn't need them anymore. They were dirty and rotten partially and piled up in the corner of the garage. I washed, dried, painted, stressed them and they look like antique. I cut these boards with POWER TOOLS. (not steven, I did it!) I nailed them to make this box. Steven taught me how to ...but I did it! It said flower in French because I wanted to use them in our garden. The side has a "B" as in Burke.

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