Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pho lunch and vegetable garden

I had Pho for lunch today at my favorite Pho place in Sunnyvale. I think this place serves the best Pho around here.

Phuong Thao Restaurant
155 S Murphy Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 737-7640

Around the same time, Steven was eating "delivery Pho" at his Palo Alto office. Delivery? Hmmm... I don't know Pho is good in delivery container. Steven says"Oh, it is pretty good!" They deliver noodle and soup in separate containers and soup is still hot. That is what he says. I don't know. I am still skeptical about it. Sorry Steven, but I am sure the Pho I had today was much better.
同じ頃、StevenもPalo AltoのオフィスでデリバリーのPhoを食べていました。デ、デリバリー?うーん、どうでしょ。デリバリーの容器に入ったPhoって。Stevenは「いや、案外おいしいよ。」と言っていますが。私はちょっと信じられない。ごめんよ、オット。私の食べたPhoの方がずーっとおいしかったと思う。Stevenの食べたPhoはこちらから。

Steven's Pho was from...
Pho Vi Hoa
4546 El Camino Real,
Los Altos, CA
(650) 947-1290

I walked around our tiny back yard with happy Pho filled stomach. The tomatoes are gorgeous. Sweet and tender. Japanese cucumber plant is still growing and producting a lot of cucumbers. Our Shishito tree has green and red Shishitoes.

This is a new addition to our garden. It is from Yamagami Nursery. I just love white flowers. Much better than red roses...

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