Sunday, August 21, 2011

Camping at the Lake Tahoe 3

Steven made his speciality, blueberry pancakes.

We left Tahoe before the roads get crowded but stopped at the Bridal Veil Fall. It is not the same as the one in Yosemite.

Steven drove all the way. I was just goofing around to entertain him.

OK. Are you ready for a mysterious story? We stopped at an Antique mall on the way back. It was a big place like a high school gymnasium. We walked around and enjoyed the antiques. Suddenly, one picture caught my eye. The small boy praying with a puppy. It was very familiar. Do I have this picture? No, I don't...I walked away and moved on to other stuff. But I couldn't take the old picture off from my mind....and "click" ! Is it the same picture on the first album of mine? Can't be...It was an album my parents got in Japan looooooong time ago. The picture is here in US. I still couldn't get rid of the "weird feeling" from my mind so I went back to the picture and took a photo of it. I screamed when I saw the picture on my album at home. It was the GIRL's version of the picture. I had goose pumps all over my body. I turned over my picture and I saw "Made in US" on the back. Was my album from US? I know you can buy a lot of "made in US" products in Japan but I don't think this particular one was sold in Japan. I emailed my mom to tell what I saw today and asked who got the album when I was born. She said her best friend who lives in US might have brought with her. I need to talk to her....Now I feel like I HAVE TO HAVE the boy's picture and meet to my girl's picture. Well, the store is 2 hour drive away from here....I have sent an email to see if they could mail the picture if I buy it. We will see...Is this a some kind of sign? I cannot just say "It is just a coincident." I feel that something is going to happen. Look at these pictures.
家に着いてから私のアルバムの表紙についていた絵を取り出し見ました。そして…叫んでしまった。それは今日アンティーク店で見た絵の女の子版だったのです。体中に鳥肌が立ってそれを裏返してみると…「Made in USA」の文字が。私のこのアルバムってUSから来たの?そりゃあ、アメリカ製品が日本でもたくさん手に入るのはわかってるけれど、これはそういう感じじゃないもの。ママにすぐにEmailしてこの話をして私が赤ちゃんの時、誰からあのアルバムをもらったか聞きました。答えはもしかして、アメリカに住んでいる彼女の親友からいただいたものかも…ということ。これはつきとめなくては。いづれにしてもあの男の子版を絶対に手に入れて私の女の子の絵と会わせたい。でも、お店はウチから2時間くらいかかる遠いところ。Emailをして買ったら送ってもらうことはできるかと聞いていることろです。それにしてもこれは何かのサインでしょうか?ただの偶然ではすませない気持ちなのです。何かが起こりそうな予感。まあ、下の写真を見て下さい。

something's gonna happen.