Thursday, August 18, 2011

Steven's built-in workstation 1

Steven is taking two week vacation and decided to make a built-in workstation from scratch. He is not using any kits or pre-made funiture. He even designs it? Ohhh, I don't know....He is very ambitious...

Day 1:Well, at least he put up some plywood and made some holes for his cables.

Day 2: He stained the boards and put a board for his desktop.

Meanwhile, I stained this and voila! Kitchen counter!! We bought a door, I stained it and it fits perfectly here!

I fold laundry, read books, draw, cut fabrics to sew and even have my breakfast and snack on this counter! この上で、洗濯物をたたんだり、読書をしたり、絵を描いたり、ソーイングのための布を切ったり、朝ごはんやスナックもここでいただくことがあります。

OK. Go back to Steven's workstation.

Day3: He put in supports for desktop and stained the whole thing.

Day4:He started working on the doors. The doors are going to be unique ones. I like the hinges he is using here. They look like midieval doors, don't they?
4日目: 今日はドアをやっています。これもおもしろいドアになる予定です。ここで使われているちょうつがいがいい感じでしょ?中世のドアみたいじゃない?

Well, honey you need to take a break here because we are going to Lake Tahoe for camping tomorrow!! :)