Saturday, August 20, 2011

Camping at the Lake Tahoe 2

The training schedule said running around the lake for 30mins from 7am. Oh, no! It is already 7:08AM. We are late, Steven!! When we entered the lodge, EVERY BODY WAS STILL SLEEPING. Looks like they had a little bit too much alchool last night. Steven and I walked Alice's dog. He was sooooo cute and I enjoyed the walk a lot.

Finally, everybody got up. Let's have breakfast!

OK! Trail running! Steven is also ready to hike.

...but look at this. Too steep to run. We decided to hike here. The view is just amazing.

On the bridge. 橋の上で。

We tried to run at least on the flat part but no, there were space only 5 to 10 steps to run. This running team is hiking today.

We came back to the lodge and party time!!! I made smoked fish+cream cheese dip + consome gelly. It was pretty good!!

Steven is grilling BBQ eels!! They liked his Japanese apron, too. There were A LOT OF food and we ate, drunk and laughed a lot. We definitely had more calories than the ones we used for hiking we did today. Oh well...

It was a great gathering and I am so glad I joined this group. Thank you everybody for the wonderful time!!