Monday, August 08, 2011

House Painting

Our windows and plants are all covered with plastic cover. Guess what we are doing?

House painting!!! The base color is this...olive green? The paint name is "bay leaf". Two guys are working on it. 家壁の塗り替えです!ベースの色はこちら。オリーブグリーンかな。ペンキの名前は「ベイリーフ」2人のお兄さん達がやってくれてます。

The accent color is brownish red, called "Brick". What do you think? First, I was shocked with the contrast of the two but now the paint dried and has a darker color. I think I like it. We call it "Christmas House"

See, not bad...the vase branches were in is Japanese antique wooden bucket. I love this.

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