Friday, August 19, 2011

Camping at the Lake Tahoe 1

We are now at the beautiful Lake Tahoe. It took us 4 hours + to get here and GREAT view!

We set up our tent and have some drink. Beer for Steven, iced tea for me. The last time we went camping was 4 years ago but we still remembered how to set up the tent. (just because it is super easy :)

We grilled chicken and veggies for dinner and they were so tasty. Is it because we had them outside with clean air? Maybe....The green Shishito peppers are from our garden and eggplants are from Cheryl's garden. Yes, they are Norton veggies. :)
チキンとお野菜をグリルして晩御飯に。こんなにおいしいのは空気がきれいだからでしょうか?かもね。シシトウはウチの菜園から。おナスは近所のCherylのところから、みんなNorton Ave 育ちなの。

Oh, and we are here because we are joining my running team training camp. We dropped some food for tomorrow's party at the lodge. They are the members on the first night. Tomorrow we are going to have more people.