Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recent cooking and sewing projects

Last week, Steven made a Paella which had scallops, prawns, mussels, seaweed and clams. Oh, it was tasty. He made it in a big Paella pan so we can eat this for a few days. Yum! 先週末にStevenが作ったパエリアにはホタテ、海老、ムール貝、はまぐり、わかめが入っていておいしかった。特大パエリア鍋で作ったのでしばらくはこれを食べられます。おいし~。

Another day, I made a spaghetti and meatballs which is Steven's favorite. I used my Italian grandma's recipe. (Noooooooooot!) 別の日ですがStevenの好物、ミートボールスパゲティを作りました。私のイタリア人の祖母のレシピでございます。(うそだよ~ん!)

Also made macha(green tea) muffins with dried blueberry for my friend who ran SF marathon last weekend to wish her a good luck. (heart shape!) She completed her first full marathon with a great time. Yeah!!! 週末につくった乾燥ブルーベリー入り抹茶マフィン。サンフランシスコマラソンを走ったお友達に幸運を祈りながらプレゼント。新鮮なブルーベリーが出回っている今、あえて乾燥ベリーを使ったのは彼女にとって初めてのフルマラソンへ「乾燥」と「完走」をかけて。そのせいではないけれど、彼女は完走した上、すばらしいタイムでゴール。すごい!

From my sewing projects , this is a laptop pillow. I covered a foam which I cut in the same measurements of the laptop with fabric. Attached a wood board (3/16 inch or 5mm thick) to the covered foam with sticky Velcro tapes. It is gentle for my lap and the board on the pillow prevents from a laptop getting hot!! Good idea, huh? I got the board from Homedepot free. I didn't want to buy a 4ft x8ft board for this tiny project and found a broken piece at the store. I brought it to a register and "Could I have this, pleaaaaaase?" with a big smile. It worked. :)

Another sewing project is a casual summer dress. It would be nice for a hot day. The weather is nice and cool last two days so I haven't had a chance to wear this. その他はカジュアルなサマードレスを作りました。ここのところ涼しいのでまだ着る機会がないけど。

This was made a few days later we moved in. We keep our cats in the second bed room when we sleep otherwise they come to our door and scratch the door and meow all night long. However this door has a big gap from the floor and the cats do scratching and meowing from it and hard to sleep with it so I made this tube stuffed with our old Tshirts and socks and attached underneath of the door. They still scratch the door but we cannot hear much because this tube is blocking the noise. Don't get me wrong. I like our cats but NOBODY MESS UP MY SLEEP!!

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