Friday, June 25, 2010

New windows!!

Our house was built in 1942. The windows are wooden and old. I liked the old look because they got a lot of characters but they are not efficient. So time to change them.

Say hello to the new double pane vinyl windows. Steven is sticking his leg out to show they took the old window. There were 16 windows and two guys finished them in two days!! Looked very difficult to fit the window in the frame and adjust with the plastic tape. Steven said, "Glad that I didn't do by myself!" My husband CAN do everything but he is smart to know when to take and respect professional services. Good decision on this. 新しい窓はサッシで2重窓。(ガラスが二枚)Stevenが足をにょっきり出しているのは古い窓ははずされました!というのを見せているところ。16枚あった窓を2人のプロが2日で全部入れ替えました。新しい窓をインストールしているのを見てるとほんとに難しそう。Steven が「自分でやらなくて本当によかったよ。」と一言。ウチの主人は何でもできるけど、自分の限界をよく知っている上に、プロのお仕事をリスペクトした上でどのへんで受けるかを的確に見分けられるので助かります。

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