Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Steven's BIG Project

I mentioned that we had an ugly space by the house before. There were red rocks which keep heat in hot summer so Steven decided to proceed "Go green" plan. 家の横にどうしようもないスペースがあることは前にも書きましたが、夏の暑い中、熱を保つ石をどうにかしなくてはと、Stevenが緑化計画の実行を決定しました。

May, 2009

May 24, 2009
First, he made two boxes and dumped all the rocks in there. Then cover them with good soil.

June 21, 2009

Next, he made base with cement to laying bricks. He was having fun doing it. Moist the cement for a few days to make it harder. 次に、レンガを積むためのベースをセメントで作ります。この辺までは楽しみながらやっていました。数日間は水を撒いてセメントを硬くします。

July 11, 2009 We got bricks. First he was not sure he can finish this because he (or his dad!) has never done it before. He used a level tool each time he laid the bricks...on 90 bricks! レンガを買ってきました。レンガ積みはやったことないので、(お父さんもないみたい!)最初のうちはStevenもこの仕事に不安を感じていました。まっすぐ積むためにレンガを置くたびにレベルツールを使っていました。90個のレンガに!

See, we are getting perfectly straight and leveled brick line! By the way, his Tshirt says Festival Maniac. I got it in Tokyo because he likes Japanese festivals. ほらあ、おかげで素晴らしくまっすぐで平らなレンガの壁ができてるじゃないのお!ところで彼のTshirtは浅草で買った私からのプレゼント。日本のお祭り好きの彼にはぴったり。でも「バカ」って書いてあるのは内緒。

July 12, 2009
Looking good! By this time, he wasn't measuring the water to mix the mortar. Professionals don't measure, they do with their instincts! No measure cups for him!!
July 14, 2009

Almost done, honey! He is putting tiles on the bricks to make them nicer.
July 15, 2009
Yeah! It's done! Look at this beauty! This is a work of art!
He said it was very hard to lay bricks...harder than working with concrete.
"Well, honey. There is another flower box behind you. It is bigger than this one..." I said this in my mind not to my tired husband. :) Instead, I said....
"Great job, honey. Let's have cold somen noodles!"

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